Why You Should Make Your Next Investment in Lahore Smart City A Brief Introduction:


The over-expanding urban landscape of Lahore is creating a conducive environment for developers of real estate. One of the monumental projects of this domain is Lahore Smart City Project. It is pertinent to mention here that this project will cover approximately an area of 600 acres.

World-class development master plan, attractive location, incentivized real estate sector by Government of Pakistan, well-reputed developers including Habib Rafiq and Surbana Jurong(SJ), and various facets of the project in terms of facilitation of its residents have made this project an ideal venture for a secure investment with a healthy (ROI) within short possible time. 

High demand for an urban housing unit in Pakistan has made such schemes attractive for buyers to buy plots and construct houses.

 Therefore, high demand for housing units with limited availability of plots will ultimately multiply the rate of return on your investment in projects like Lahore Smart city. 

Detailed Analysis of Salient Features of Lahore Smart City to Lure You for Investment:


The primary factor of the housing project’s credibility is the location which increases its worth more. Investors’ most priority is to invest in those housing schemes which have access to the roads, city, and shopping centers that give the best outcomes. 

Lahore smart city is ideal because of its central location and proximity to the newly constructed ring road and motorway.

Other areas close to this housing project are the University of Health Sciences(UHS), Rana Town, UET(Kala Shah Kaku Campus), motorway police station, and others. 

Excellent Developer Profile:

When you decide to buy a property, the first thing you should do is look for a developer with a successful reputation. It makes your investment secure and profitable for future developers and Lahore smart city owners. In the real estate field, LSC is a collaboration between two well-renowned groups; the Habib Rafiq Group and FDHL (Future Development Holding Limited).

These two also involve in some other major projects like DHA and Bahira Town. Another developer is the Singapore-based developer Surbana Jurong that has a significant role in the LSC and Capital Smart City. 

World-class Facilities in Terms of Education, Health, IT, and Recreation:

LSC ensures that they provide all the basic facilities like education, health, and IT at incredible economic rates. They provide the best educational environment from the basic level to the progressing graduate-level collaboration with the best city and well-reputed schools, colleges, and universities. 

They also provide flawless security protocol, anti-personnel fencing, and CCTV cameras with 24-hour surveillance to safeguard, secure, and alert society residents in the case of an emergency.

Incentivized Real Estate Sector by Government of Pakistan:

The government of Pakistan recently decided to introduce a National Incentive Fund for Real Estate to encourage the real estate sector in the country.

As a result, the Pakistani government recently proposed a new incentive system for real estate developers to promote affordable housing development.

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