vivo Smartphones Loved by Everyone — Consumers and Tech Experts Alike


Consumers today have a myriad of options to choose from, and the days of limited choices belong only to ancient history. With increasing options, consumers often find themselves in a dilemma and state of indecisiveness while purchasing a smartphone. In such a situation of excessive variety, vivo have become the go-to smartphone for consumers in Pakistan, one that can be relied upon for lifestyle-driven technological innovations.

As a brand, vivo follows the principles of the Benfen philosophy, which emphasizes on doing things right, and doing the right things. The products and smartphone series are designed with the goal of adding value to society and engendering a lifestyle that is seamless, enjoyable, and creative. The vivo X, V, and Y series are thus designed to meet the consumers’ needs in ways specific to each of the distinguished series.

The V series introduced the first Color-changing smartphone in the world, carving a niche for itself in camera and design technology. vivo also resolved the problems confronted by content creators and photographers by equipping premium smartphones in the V and X series with industry-leading imaging technology — offering features like Gimbal Stabilization, OIS, EIS, Night Selfie and much more.

The X series, co-engineered with ZIESS, offers a professional imaging experience akin to that of a DSLR camera. Moreover, the vivo Y series is renowned for being youth-centric owing to its design and features. It is crafted with the intention of empowering the younger generation in their professional, creative, and personal pursuits. Equipped with massive batteries, cutting-edge camera technology, and ample storage, the smartphones in this series are nothing short of perfection.

For its innovations and consumer-driven approach, vivo has consistently received applause and an outpouring of love for its smartphones, from consumers and tech experts alike. Here is what some of the leading tech gurus have to say!


Fahad Hanif, who is a well-known photographer in Pakistan, mentioned the X80, acknowledged vivo’s pioneering efforts and achievements in developing smartphone imaging technology, and said, “While smartphone camera technologies have transformed dramatically over the years, there remained a sharp difference between smartphone and professional photography. Smartphone cameras were not reliable enough for professionals.” However, he further exclaimed that, “vivo’s development of the V1+ Chipset has set a new standard for smartphone imaging technology. vivo’s collaboration with ZEISS on the X80 and the former’s optic features and dual chipset setup has distinguished the X80 camera as nothing short of professional.”



Ali Abbas, the well-known YouTuber who runs the Mastech channel, was astounded by the gorgeous display and superior build of the X Fold. He added, “vivo has launched its first foldable smartphone, and it has already established an unmatchable benchmark. I’m in awe of the stunning display, which is excellent on both the inner and exterior panels and makes a variety of apps more accessible. The ideal size and shape of the X Fold’s modern design make it easier to carry about. In comparison to other methods, the fingerprint sensors on both sides of the phone offer a quicker and more precise unlocking experience.”


Commenting on the V23e, Phone World, a prominent YouTube review channel, was quick to highlight its lightweight and unique features in comparison to other smartphones. Noting the exceptional camera setup, they said, “the camera setup is optimized with a 50MP AF Portrait Selfie camera that produces great quality images that show every detail in the photograph”. The smartphone was also admired for its 6.4-inch AMOLED display which gives a sharp and bright visual experience, and the MediaTek G96 processor is efficient for gaming.”

Talking in-depth about the latest V23 5G, Ameer Dagha, running tech YouTube channel ReviewsPK, said “The vivo V Series is known for its excellent camera and lavish gorgeous design, and vivo has offered a special feature to the users with the color-changing Fluorite AG Glass that appears magical. It’s tough to look away from the smartphone’s stunning appearance.” Describing the benchmark scores, Ameer Dagha highlighted that V23 5G can easily manage intensive tasks as well as high-resolution games like PubG and Asphalt 8.

vivo Y55 was extensively discussed on Daily Pakistan, a leading Pakistani YouTube channel. They were glad to witness the 50MP HD Rear Camera and 16MP front camera which are great for taking photos and selfies. Furthermore, they were impressed with its features such as the Natural Portrait Algorithm and Double Exposure, making it so easy to shoot any scenario.

The positive reviews from key opinion leaders in the market are a testimony to vivo’s role in transforming the lives of its consumers. vivo’s smartphones have become an indispensable part of users’ lives. Unsurprisingly, every smartphone launched by vivo meets widespread anticipation, enthusiasm and appreciation for its performance, technology, and design.

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