The Role of Public Sector Finance Professionals in Promoting Sustainability and Combating Climate Change

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ACCA’s inaugural Global Talent Trends Survey 2023 provides a unique and vital view of how people feel about working in the finance profession right now. The survey shows that finance professionals working in the public sector play a crucial role in addressing sustainability and climate change issues. Three out of four public sector respondents agree that accountants will play a bigger part in helping organizations address this agenda in the future.

ACCA’s research highlighted seven key talent trends for the public sector. Firstly, inflation is fueling wage pressure. Secondly, hybrid work is a work in progress, with a significantly lower proportion of public sector employees having adopted hybrid and remote working practices compared to the private sector.

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Thirdly, addressing burnout must be a priority. Fourthly, mobility is driving a possible talent crunch. Fifthly, technology is empowering, but training is key. Sixthly, inclusivity is strong, but perceptions about social mobility are more troubling. Lastly, in turbulent times, accountancy provides career security.

Jamie Lyon, head of skills, sectors, and technology at ACCA, emphasized the importance of developing the talent of tomorrow, especially in the public sector. The report provides valuable insights and sets out the ways in which ACCA supports employers, students, members, and the wider public sector.

Mark Johnson, senior subject manager, public sector, ACCA, stated that the findings have important implications for public sector employers as they seek to retain and attract finance professionals to careers in the sector. The survey shows that those working in accountancy and finance in the public sector see the ability to make a real difference to people’s lives as a key aspect of their roles.

Assad Hameed Khan, head of ACCA Pakistan, stated that the timing of this research is appropriate for Pakistan, considering the growing emphasis on professionalization, technology-driven value creation, and green budgeting in the public sector. These are recognized as crucial elements in achieving a significant improvement in public sector financial management.

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