Tamasha debuts its inaugural original series ‘Family Bizniss’, portraying the challenges faced by a Pakistani middle-class family

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Recently, Tamasha, Pakistan’s largest homegrown OTT platform, in collaboration with Big Bang Entertainment, launched its first-ever original series called “Family Bizniss.” The launch event was held at the Jazz Digital Headquarters and attended by notable figures such as Kaan Terzioglu, CEO of VEON Group, Aamir Ibrahim, CEO of Jazz, and Aamer Ejaz, Chief Digital Officer of Jazz, along with leading actor and producer of the series, Fahad Mustafa.

“Family Bizniss” delves into the struggles of a middle-class family and explores the relationship between coming-of-age children and their parents. In an attempt to escape their socio-economic class, the characters are shown hustling to establish an online business to help their retiring father, which also educates the audience about entrepreneurship and digital inclusion in a comical way.

Asim Azhar, one of Pakistan’s most renowned artists, makes his acting debut on OTT in “Family Bizniss” alongside Mah-e-nur Haider, Saife Hasan, Salma Hasan, Bushra Habib, and Hussain Moshin. The show’s comedic approach to otherwise serious themes such as socio-economic class differences and generation gaps appeals to both young and mature audiences.

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Jazz’s Chief Digital Officer, Aamer Ejaz, highlights that “Family Bizniss” aims to cultivate a culture of pocket-friendly, local content that promotes digital inclusion. It plans on providing the local audience with endless entertainment options, and Tamasha producing this show is the beginning of this exciting journey.

Fahad Mustafa, CEO of Big Bang Entertainment, emphasizes that “Family Bizniss” is here to break the stereotype that a show can only be engaging if it presents the negative aspects of society. Instead, Tamasha believes that it is more impactful to discuss these problems in a light-hearted and informative manner.

In summary, “Family Bizniss” is an eye-opening show that discusses issues embedded in Pakistani society. The show’s comedic approach sets it apart from the usual pessimistic approach, making it more engaging and impactful. You can now stream the show on the Tamasha app via Google Play, the Apple App store, or its website.

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