SCO Backs Cyclist Saqib Rehman’s Remarkable Road Bike Expedition from Multan to Makkah

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Recently, Saqib Rehman, a cyclist from Multan, Pakistan, received support from the Special Communications Organization (SCO) for his ambitious dream of cycling from Multan to Makkah. In a ceremony held at the SCO headquarters, Saqib Rehman was gifted a road bike for his journey, which he hopes will raise awareness about the benefits of cycling as a healthy, eco-friendly, and cost-effective mode of transportation, and motivate others to pursue their dreams.

Saqib Rehman is known for taking on challenges on his bike, such as becoming the first man in the world to scale the 21000-feet-high K2 base camp on his mountain bike in November 2018 after a risky three-month journey. Now, he plans to undertake an epic journey from Multan to Makkah, via Iran, Sharjah, and UAE, covering a distance he hopes to complete in about 60 days on his road bike while performing Ummrah.

To follow Saqib Rehman’s journey, social media users can check out his updates and photos on @hq_sco on Twitter, @officialHQSCO on Facebook, and @sco_pk on Instagram, using the hashtag #cycletoMakkah.

SCO believes in supporting young talents who aim to make a positive impact in their communities. By providing Saqib Rehman with a road bike for his journey, SCO hopes to assist him in achieving his goal and inspiring others to follow their dreams.

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