Realme GT3 Integrates Cutting-Edge Charging Technology with Safety Measures and Extended Battery Lifespan

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At the Mobile World Congress 2023 in Barcelona, realme announced the launch of its new realme GT3 smartphone that features the world’s fastest charging technology with a capacity of 240W. Speaking to the media, Chase Xu, realme’s Vice President and President of realme Global Marketing, along with Mark Wesley, Product Communications Manager for realme Global, highlighted the technology behind the realme GT3 that sets it apart from other smartphones.

Chase emphasized the importance of innovation in the GT Series, which aims to bring groundbreaking technology to consumers. He added that with each new addition to the series, the company strives to lead the industry with its technology.

The realme GT3 sets a new standard in the industry by charging the battery to 100% in under 10 minutes. Mark highlighted the TÜV Rheinland Safe Fast-Charge System Certification that ensures the safety of the fast charging solution, making it more reliable than other solutions in the market.

Mark also talked about the AI Smart Charging Technology of realme GT3 that adapts to users’ environment and ensures battery health protection. The phone can sense the user’s environment and adapt the charging speed accordingly. It can charge the battery to 80% while sleeping at night and then boost it to 100% before the user wakes up. In extreme climates, the phone adapts its charging speed to allow for safe cold-weather charging down to -20 degrees Celsius.

Realme hinted that it is analyzing when to introduce the realme GT3 in Pakistan and revealed that a new GT Number Pro Series might be unveiled in the future, promising the best of technology that the industry has ever seen.

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