Rafia designer brand launches unstitched clothing


Though ready to wear women’s clothing has always been popular but in recent times, but unstitched clothes have become a part of the trend as well. Unstitched clothing can come in a variety of combinations. They can either be packed into a 3-piece set, 2-piece set, or even a single piece set.

The biggest benefit of buying an unstitched piece of clothing is that it can be customized to fit individual tastes, needs, and body styles. This is particularly true for the trouser, a well-fitting garment intended to flatter a woman in a diffident and attractive manner.

The cloth for the unstitched trouser can either be made to order by an experienced tailor or sewed at home. The trouser usually has a discrete structure, and expecting a ready to wear trouser fit right can be challenging. The unstitched garment allows for precise measurements, ensuring style with ease.

Furthermore, another benefit of buying an unstitched clothing piece is the freedom to try new things. Both facets of the cut and design can be tailored to fit individual preferences. Any aspect of the dress can be adjusted to perfection, so there can be no awkward fits or unappealing cuts.

Usually, necklines are the most innovated, and with tailor-made stitching, one can customize them to various designs like round and v-necks, as well as unique contemporary designs like a cowl, rectangle, sail, deep, keyhole, and halter necks. Additionally, from sleeveless to half-sleeve, puff sleeve, three-quarter sleeve, and full sleeve, the desired neckline may be matched with the preferred sleeve length.

Depending on the occasion, the fabric can be stitched into a formal or an informal dress, or even long or short. Besides this, the trousers can also be innovated with a lot of variations. As a result, the stitched dress would be a fantastic combination of the style that will compliment your personality as a whole.

One more advantage of buying clothing designs that are unstitched is that the overall cost is reduced to quite an extent. If you are one of those people who like to wear unique dresses that are only made for them, then getting an unstitched fabric is always a good idea. Usually, unstitched designer garments are less expensive than finished pieces made from the same fabric.

Unstitched dresses can be turned into stunning outfits that follow the current fashion trends. With these garments, it becomes simple to incorporate the latest designs and trends. Unstitched lawn dresses, for example, are in high demand because they allow women to wear the latest trends while still having a unique cut and style even during the scorching heat of the summer weather. Besides this, there are other trends that can be easily incorporated into it such as mixing and matching prints with vibrant colors.

Keeping the above in mind, Rafia.pk has launched its own line of unstitched clothing that is available in either 3-piece suit or 2 pieces as well. With vibrant colors and affordable prices, the new collection must not be missed. Do check out the new collection that is out now!

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