Pakistani Fashion Jewelry Trends 2021


In Pakistan, jewelry has its own significant as it linked with our tradition and this is the only reason that any trend from west is not able to change the way we wear jewelry. Pakistan goes with its own trend with jewelry which represents the fusion between our culture, history and present and shows the pure class, elegance and uniqueness. Here is updating you with the latest on going jewelry trend in Pakistan.

Kundan Jewelry:

No one can deny that women cherish every kind of jewelry but desi women can never resist traditional jewelry. In traditional jewelry, kundan is like a rookie.

A trend which was born centuries ago, which has been worn by every desi women is no other than kundan jewelry sets. It is trend that never goes old. They are not just a piece of jewelry but it is something that is holding our cultural flavor into it. But along with its cultural flavor it can also give spice to any look on any occasion.

If you are about to wear something descent on wedding or huge gatherings, you just need to have a heavy kundan necklace with its heavy earrings, and you are good to go. This is how you can wear any light and simple dress and yet look perfect for the occasion.

Blumoon has elegant and stunning design in their drawer which cannot be easy to find at any other store.

Blue Zircon Set:

A very precious unique stone, which is mostly used as a diamond substitute is Zircon. The new changing trend has brought us the most elegant style of jewelry. Zircon is special and worthy, however most of the time it loses its worth if it is not nicely cut. But at blumoon, we make sure to do justice withthis precious stone. Nowadays, this stunning gemstone is sign of elegancy. At blumoon you can get you zircon set in vast verity, but in blumoon artificial jewelry store the famous one is Blue zircon set. This Blue zircon set in amazing quality is only available at

925 Sterling Silver Fresh Water Pearl Jewelry Set

The arising trends of artificial jewelries in Pakistan are taking a new breath. As people getting exposed to the new fashion they get to know power of elegancy. And the most elegant look that anyone can achieve by having this stunning sterling silver fresh water pearl jewelry set. This set is an amzing for those who want to keep their look less yet classy.

Gold Plated Bead Set

Everyone knows that the gold is Asian women’s dream and pride. It is something must for women to have and if they are married or about to, they are bound to have some tolaas of Gold. But as the time passes this trend is transforming into Gold Plated jewelry set, as it looks beautiful and also more convenient for people’s pocket. And the Gold plated Bead set is a vision to behold. The most authentic and good quality of this set is very easy to get from

So, what is holding you to get yours? 

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