Nehaal Naseem Emerges as Spotify’s Newest Triumph in Fresh Finds Pakistan

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Nehaal Naseem, the 17-year-old budding vocalist, has become the latest discovery of Spotify’s signature Fresh Finds Pakistan. Her debut track ‘Beqadra’ has consistently appeared on Spotify Charts for the past 12 weeks, reaching the impressive position of number 4. Nehaal, who was also the top artist of Fresh Finds PK in February, has now joined the ranks of up-and-coming musicians from the local scene.

Fresh Finds PK has been instrumental in showcasing Pakistan’s freshest music sensations, such as Abdul Hannan and Aleemrk. Nehaal is the newest addition to this list and has gained significant attention, experiencing a remarkable 2852% growth in her monthly listeners.

Nehaal joined Fresh Finds on February 13th with her melancholic song ‘Beqadra’, which has already amassed over 2 million streams and continues to gain traction. The Fresh Finds platform aims to discover talented voices that possess great potential but require that extra push. Nehaal has received support from Fresh Finds, as her track  featured in prominent playlists like Pakka Hit Hai, Pakistani Pop, Hot Hits Pakistan, Desi Indie, among others. Rutaba Yaqub, Spotify Senior Editor in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh, emphasized the platform’s commitment to showcasing promising artists like Nehaal.

Khan FM, Spotify’s Artist & Label Partnerships Manager for Pakistan, Sri Lanka & Bangladesh, also expressed the significance of the Fresh Finds playlist in discovering new artists from across Pakistan. Artists like Abdul Hannan, Aleemrk, and Zouqan have experienced tremendous success after their music has discovered on Fresh Finds. Nehaal Naseem follows in their footsteps and has caught the attention of well-known music intellectual properties and labels, who regularly monitor the Fresh Finds playlist for fresh talent.

Although Nehaal Naseem may seem like a recent sensation, she is no stranger to the world of music. She has been creating covers of famous tracks since she was a child. Many of her fans may be surprised to learn that she is the same 11-year-old girl who went viral in 2016 for her rendition of the OST of the popular drama series “Mann Mayal,” which captivated the nation’s attention on social media.

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