Mobile Broadband Suspension Costs Telecom Operators Rs. 820 Million So Far

Pakistan Tech and Telecom

The suspension of mobile broadband services in Pakistan has had far-reaching consequences. Digital service providers, the government, and the general population have all been adversely affected. The loss of mobile broadband services has caused telecommunication operators to lose approximately Rs820 million in revenue, which has raised doubts about the sustainability of their operations.

The government has also suffered substantial financial setbacks, losing around Rs287 million in tax revenue. Individuals who rely on digital apps and payments, such as Uber, Careem, InDrive, and FoodPanda, have also suffered significant losses in earnings.

The suspension of digital connectivity has caused inconvenience and distress, fueling demands for swift restoration of internet access. Aamir Ibrahim, CEO of Jazz, tweeted that shutting down the internet is not a solution, creating more problems than it solves. He urged the IT industry to resume internet services immediately, emphasizing that mobile internet is a critical tool in emergencies and productivity.

Restoring internet services will not only alleviate economic hardships but also help restore a sense of stability in light of ongoing protests and growing frustration. However, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) did not provide a timeline for the reinstatement of mobile broadband services.

The government faces a challenge in striking a balance between security concerns and citizen rights to access information and communication. It is essential to restore internet services to alleviate the economic and social hardship caused by the suspension of mobile broadband services.

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