Here’s How Lahore Smart City will be Change Urban Living in Near Future


Lahore Smart City is one of the real estate projects that will change the perception of a housing society in the future. This society is a complete urban setting or city in itself. Its master plan not only includes housing plots, shops, plazas, offices, community building clubs but also schools, colleges, universities, and hospitals.

The facilities and comforts that Lahore Smart City provides are not provided by any regular housing society. Advanced technology is used in making this project for sustainable development, energy production, waste management, and drainage system. It offers all the facilities that a well-developed city offers to its residents and that is up to international standards of living.

 To ensure its high standards and eco-friendly environment it is promoting a green environment and planting trees in the society. Which will help in purifying the air and keep the environment healthy with lower levels of air pollution.

LSC offers 24/7 water, gas, and electricity in society. It will have its energy plant. Energy will be produced by wind and solar plants installed on the premises. It promises to have a load-shedding-free scheme because there are energy shortages in the country and people face difficulty when there are power cuts.

To maintain a clean environment, it has planned its waste disposal wisely. All the solid waste will be disposed of considering bringing no harm to the environment and keeping pollution levels as low as possible.

Its objective is to offer free Wi=Fi zones to its residents so that they can enjoy free wifi.  There will be electric bikes operating in society. This will help in decreasing air pollution. And keeping to air free from harmful emissions.  And automated grocery delivery will also be available to all residents. 

Moreover, for recreation and entertainment LSM will have themed parks and shopping malls and centers. People will not have to go to main Lahore city they will have all facilities within the society. It will help save commute costs and it will save travel time also. It will also have luxurious hotels and resorts. Moreover, golf courses and clubs such as riding clubs will add to the development and ranking of society.

Lahore Smart Society also ensures a high level of security of the society to keep the environment safe and secure fr its residents. It has installed CCTV cameras, well-trained security guards, and strict checks on entry and exit points to keep crime levels as low as possible.

It will also provide the facility of fire extinguishing service. If any mishap happens, they are very well prepared to deal with it in no time and to limit the damage caused by fire to residents and society overall.

Providing all the facilities at the doorstep, Lahore Smart City will change urban living in the future. People will not have to travel a long way to get basic facilities as there is quiet traffic within main  Lahore city. Everything will be in reach and it will help save a lot of cost and time for individuals.

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