Hamzah TJ and Srha Asghar starrer See Prime short film ‘Dhakka Start’ releases on YouTube


See Prime, led by Seemeen Naveed, has carved a niche for itself by bringing forth quality, original content and have now released a new short film ‘Dhakka Start’ starring Hamzah TJ and Srha Asghar on their YouTube channel.
‘Dhakka Start’ follows the story of Altaf, a young bachelor who is busy making arrangements for his sister’s wedding. However, his girlfriend Kanwal and his father both demand his attention constantly. Caught between the two, Altaf is struggling to manage things that soon turn messy.
“At See Prime, we aim to bring content which is not only enjoyable but at the same time very relatable,” commented Seemeen Naveed, executive producer, See Prime. “Dhakka Start is a great light short film which I’m sure many youngsters will find relatable.”
Penned down and directed by Paiman Hussain, ‘Dhakka Start’ portrays how it can get difficult multi-tasking. The film has been executively produced by Seemeen Naveed and co-produced by Ali Hussain and Mahib Bukhari.
The short film is now available to stream exclusively on See Prime’s YouTube channel.

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