Al Ghazi Tractors Advances Modernization with SAP-Enabled Digital Transformation

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Al Ghazi Tractors Limited invests in IT Infrastructure Upgrade


Al Ghazi Tractors Limited, one of Pakistan’s largest agricultural equipment manufacturer, is investing PKR 2 billion in a digital transformation and overhaul of its IT infrastructure. The company is building on its success and market growth from the previous year.

Investment in SAP S/4HANA

The company is integrating the state-of-the-art SAP S/4HANA, an innovative ERP solution, at the core of its revamp. The integration aims to improve strategic decision-making and operational strength. Digitalization has become crucial for business sustainability and growth, and the company aims to deliver high levels of customer satisfaction and shareholder confidence through data analysis and performance management systems.

Benefits of the ERP System

The SAP S/4HANA will allow Al Ghazi Tractors Limited to adopt a more responsive, flexible, and resilient approach towards changing consumer demands and market requirements. Advanced technologies such as AI, analytics, IoT, and machine learning will be utilized to streamline the company’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), making it faster, swifter, and simpler.

Comment from CEO

Javed Iqbal, Acting CEO of Al Ghazi Tractors Limited, stated that the company has always embodied an industry-leading approach in terms of operations and business management. The integration of SAP’s core automotive modules will provide real-time, data-based reporting, enabling seamless decision-making with minimal delays. The end-to-end relationships with vendors, dealers, and other shareholders will transform significantly once the system is fully operational.

Timeline for Transformation

The digital transformation at Al Ghazi Tractors Limited will occur over the next four years, with the first phase beginning with preparatory stages that will take ten months to complete. The transformation project will be led by a dedicated Steering Committee that includes the Al-Futtaim Group EIT, Transformation, and Strategy teams.

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