Nate Diaz Secures Victory in ‘Last Man Standing’ Boxing Rematch Against Jorge Masvidal


In a highly anticipated rematch of their UFC 244 bout, Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal stepped into the boxing ring for the “Last Man Standing” pay-per-view event, captivating fans with a thrilling showdown that went the distance.

The Fight

Nate Diaz emerged victorious with a majority decision after ten hard-fought rounds, marking a significant moment in both fighters’ careers. The judges’ scorecards reflected the intensity of the bout, with one judge scoring it a draw while the other two unanimously awarded Diaz the win. This victory served as redemption for Diaz, who aimed to overturn Masvidal’s previous win in their UFC clash for the BMF championship.

The fight showcased Diaz’s endurance and volume punching against Masvidal’s power and precision. Both fighters displayed their boxing skills with relentless exchanges, totaling over 1,400 punches throughout the match. Masvidal’s aggressive style and impactful blows tested Diaz’s resilience, but Diaz’s consistent output and tactical approach ultimately swayed the judges in his favor.

Post-Fight Reactions

Following his victory, Diaz took the opportunity to call out other fighters, expressing his readiness for future challenges in the boxing arena. The win not only solidified Diaz’s status as a formidable boxer but also underscored his determination to excel beyond the octagon.

In contrast, Masvidal, despite his efforts, fell short in the judges’ eyes. His potent strikes and strategic adjustments throughout the fight highlighted his versatility, yet Diaz’s strategic consistency proved pivotal in securing the win.

The Event

The “Last Man Standing” event, held at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California, drew a full house of 18,000 fans, underscoring the enduring popularity of both fighters and the sport of boxing. The atmosphere was electric as spectators witnessed a night of intense matchups, culminating in the Diaz vs. Masvidal showdown.

Background and Build-Up

The rivalry between Diaz and Masvidal dates back to their initial clash in the UFC, where Masvidal claimed victory via doctor’s stoppage. This rematch, however, shifted the battleground to boxing, offering both fighters a chance to settle the score in a different arena.

Fighter Profiles

  • Nate Diaz: Known for his unyielding spirit and extensive MMA career, Diaz transitioned to professional boxing with this bout against Masvidal. With a reach advantage and a strategic approach, Diaz aimed to capitalize on his boxing skills developed over years of combat sports.
  • Jorge Masvidal: A seasoned MMA fighter with a knack for striking, Masvidal brought his formidable skill set into the boxing ring, looking to reaffirm his dominance over Diaz in a different discipline. His transition showcased his versatility and determination to excel in diverse combat sports arenas.


Nate Diaz’s victory over Jorge Masvidal in the “Last Man Standing” boxing event highlighted his resilience, strategic prowess, and determination to succeed beyond the UFC octagon. The rematch not only solidified Diaz’s boxing credentials but also set the stage for future bouts, promising continued excitement and competition in the world of combat sports.

As both fighters reflect on this monumental clash, fans eagerly await their next moves, anticipating further challenges, victories, and the enduring legacy of Diaz and Masvidal in the realm of combat sports.

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