ICC Changes Hotel for Pakistan Cricket Team: A Closer Look


The Pakistan cricket team’s accommodation in New York has been changed following a stern notice from PCB Chairman Mohsin Naqvi. This decision comes as the team prepares for two crucial matches in New York on June 9 and 11.

Details of the Hotel Change:

  • Initial Accommodation Issues:
    • The original hotel assigned to the Pakistan cricket team was located 90 minutes away from the stadium, raising concerns about the convenience and comfort of the players.
    • Chairman PCB, Mohsin Naqvi, took immediate action upon learning about the situation, emphasizing the importance of reducing travel time for the players.
  • New Hotel Details:
    • Following Naqvi’s intervention, the team’s hotel was changed to one that is just a 5-minute drive from the stadium, significantly improving the logistics for the players.
    • This move was necessary to ensure that the team has adequate rest and preparation time ahead of their matches.
  • Comparative Accommodation:
    • The Indian cricket team is staying at a hotel that is only 10 minutes away from the ground, while other teams, including South Africa and Sri Lanka, have expressed dissatisfaction with their accommodations, which are over an hour away from the stadium.

PCB Chairman’s Actions:

  • Mohsin Naqvi contacted ICC officials to express his dissatisfaction with the initial arrangements and successfully convinced them to change the hotel’s location for the Pakistani team.
  • Naqvi emphasized that he would not permit his team to endure long travel times for any T20 World Cup matches, including the upcoming ones on June 9 and 11 in New York.
  • He made it clear to the ICC that if necessary, he would relocate the team to a more suitable hotel at the PCB’s expense to ensure the players’ comfort and readiness.

Team’s Next Steps:

  • The Pakistan cricket team will depart for New York immediately after their match against the USA on Thursday.

This proactive approach by Mohsin Naqvi underscores the importance of player welfare and logistical efficiency, which are crucial for optimal performance in such a high-stakes tournament. The change in accommodation is expected to provide the Pakistan team with a more comfortable and convenient environment as they prepare for their upcoming matches.

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