Shaheen Afridi’s Move to Canada’s Global T20 After Pulling Out of The Hundred


Shaheen Shah Afridi, one of Pakistan’s premier fast bowlers, has made headlines with his decision to pull out of The Hundred, citing family commitments. This decision has significant implications for the Hundred and highlights the growing competition between global T20 leagues. Afridi is now in talks to join Canada’s Global T20 league, offering a new chapter in his career and stirring discussions on player management and league competition.

Afridi’s Decision to Withdraw from The Hundred

Afridi was set to be a key player for Welsh Fire in The Hundred, having been retained on a contract worth £100,000, the second-highest salary band in the league. His decision to withdraw is a major setback for the team and the league, given his performance last year where he took six wickets in six appearances. The ECB confirmed his withdrawal, with Afridi expressing his disappointment: “I’m sad to miss out on playing for Welsh Fire this year,” he stated. “I enjoyed the Hundred a lot last season, and I was excited about being back in Cardiff.”

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Family Commitments

Afridi’s official explanation to the ECB emphasized his reluctance to spend four weeks away from his family. The Hundred’s schedule, running from July 23 to August 18, requires players to commit a significant amount of time away from home, which Afridi found untenable this year. His prioritization of family time reflects a growing trend among professional athletes balancing personal and professional commitments.

Pakistan’s NOC Policy and Afridi’s Choices

Pakistan’s cricket board (PCB) permits its players to participate in only two foreign leagues per season, requiring No-Objection Certificates (NOCs). Afridi is already committed to the Desert Vipers in UAE’s ILT20, which means he must choose his second league wisely. Instead of The Hundred, Afridi is considering Canada’s Global T20, which offers a slightly shorter commitment window and aligns better with his personal schedule.

Global T20 Canada: An Emerging Contender

The Global T20 Canada, a privately-run league, is set to return for its fourth season in 2024. The league runs from July 25 to August 11, providing a more compact schedule compared to The Hundred. The league, which resumed in 2023 after a hiatus due to the Covid pandemic, has attracted notable international players, increasing its profile and competitiveness.

Financial Considerations and FICA’s Recommendations

While the Global T20 Canada presents an attractive alternative, it is not without its issues. The Federation of International Cricketers’ Associations (FICA) has reported instances of late or non-payment within the league over the past 24 months. FICA advises participating players to request advanced payment to mitigate financial risks. This cautionary note highlights the ongoing challenges players face when navigating the financial landscapes of emerging leagues.

Impact on The Hundred and Welsh Fire

Afridi’s withdrawal from The Hundred impacts both Welsh Fire and the league’s overall appeal. To fill the void, Welsh Fire has signed New Zealand seamer Matt Henry as Afridi’s replacement. However, Henry’s availability might be affected by his commitments to the San Francisco Unicorns in the Major League Cricket (MLC), with several overseas players in The Hundred facing similar scheduling conflicts.

ECB’s Response and Future Strategies

The ECB’s effort to compete with the lucrative salaries of other leagues is a driving force behind their decision to open The Hundred to private investment. This move aims to bolster the league’s financial attractiveness and retain top-tier talent. The situation with Afridi underscores the competitive pressures The Hundred faces in retaining international stars.

Other Pakistan Players in The Hundred

Despite Afridi’s withdrawal, several other Pakistani cricketers remain under contract for The Hundred 2024. These include Naseem Shah (Birmingham Phoenix), Haris Rauf (Welsh Fire), Imad Wasim (Trent Rockets), and Usama Mir (Manchester Originals). Their participation underscores Pakistan’s significant contribution to the league’s talent pool, even as individual players navigate their unique professional landscapes.


Shaheen Afridi’s decision to prioritize family time and potentially join Canada’s Global T20 highlights the dynamic and competitive nature of modern cricket leagues. His move brings attention to the challenges players face in balancing personal commitments with professional opportunities, as well as the financial and logistical complexities of global T20 leagues. As The Hundred seeks to strengthen its position through strategic investments and player retention, Afridi’s choices exemplify the evolving priorities and considerations of elite cricketers in today’s game.

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