Jazz World App transformed to ‘SIMOSA’ with new design, enhanced features

Jazz World App transformed to ‘SIMOSA’ with new design, enhanced features

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Jazz World, Pakistan’s largest self-care and lifestyle app, has undergone a significant transformation and revamped to ‘SIMOSA,’ offering enhanced features and a new design.

One-Stop App for Multiple Network SIMs

Now rebranded as SIMOSA, the app serves as a comprehensive platform for users with multiple network SIMs. The revamped version promises a fresh design and improved user experience, catering to evolving digital needs across various mobile networks while enriching lifestyle and e-care features.

Enhanced Service Offerings

SIMOSA’s latest version provides recharge and subscription services for multiple operators, enhancing account management and support features for user convenience. Extended e-care capabilities are now accessible, with further improvements planned. Lifestyle features are upgraded, offering additional tools for effective daily life management.

A Visionary Perspective

Aamer Ejaz, Chief Digital Officer at Jazz, described the transformation, stating it embodies Jazz’s shift from telco to tech-co. SIMOSA aims to enhance digital experiences for users across networks, solidifying its status as the country’s largest homegrown app. By transcending telco boundaries, SIMOSA offers added value to users, enriching its position in the digital realm.

Commitment to Inclusivity and Growth

SIMOSA commits to inclusivity by expanding its services across the broadband sector, irrespective of operators. With 18 million monthly users and over 1 billion impressions, it aims to be Pakistan’s top e-care platform. This reinforces its dominance in the digital sphere and underscores its commitment to serving a diverse user base.

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