Railways Plan to Revive Safari Tourist Train, Exploring Potohar’s Scenic Beauty

Railways Plan to Revive Safari Tourist Train, Exploring Potohar’s Scenic Beauty


Pakistan Railways is planning to revive the Safari Tourist Train to promote the culture and beauty of the Potohar Region which will commence its journey from Islamabad’s historic Golra Station to Attock Khurd.

Journey Details

The Safari Train will start its journey from Golra Station, passing through Hasan Abdal, Attock, and Attock Khurd Railway stations. Attock Khurd boasts a rich historical legacy, housing the oldest railway museum, according to official sources.

Exploring the Landscape

Tourists will experience traveling through the beautiful landscape of Potohar, including Margallah Hills, Sangjani tunnel, and bridges like Chablal Bridge, Haro Bridge, Ghazi Boro­tha, and Attock Khurd Bridges. The Safari Train will also traverse the old iron girder bridge over the Indus River, connecting Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provinces.

Golra Station and Railway Museum

The Golra Station, steeped in British-era history, houses the sprawling Islamabad Railway Museum, showcasing a treasure trove of railway artifacts, including ancient steam engines and heritage railway kitchens.

Exploration at Attock Khurd

After the heritage tour, the Safari Train stops at Attock Khurd’s Station. Passengers can explore captivating beauty and entertainment spots along the Indus River.

Onboard Experience

The train itself has undergone a stunning makeover with meticulously designed interiors, delectable onboard cuisine, and arrangements for high tea. Passengers enjoy comfort and convenience with luxurious seating arrangements and newly built washrooms.

Preparations and Departures

Preparations for the Safari Train are nearing completion and expected to finish next week. Departures are scheduled every Sunday at 9 am, with return trips from Attock at 6:30 pm. Ticket prices vary according to accommodation type, with special discounts available for students.

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