foodpanda Ensures Rider Safety with Distribution of Safety Kits

foodpanda Ensures Rider Safety with Distribution of Safety Kits


foodpanda, Pakistan’s leading delivery platform, reaffirms its dedication to the health and safety of its riders. Collaborating with prominent healthcare entities, foodpanda has distributed safety kits to its dedicated delivery riders in Punjab.

Strong Partnerships for Safety Kits

This collaborative effort involves partnerships with reputable companies such as Herbion Pvt Ltd, Martin Dow Market Ltd, Bright Vision, and CCL Pharmaceuticals Consumer Division. Each partner contributes essential products to create comprehensive safety kits for the delivery riders associated with foodpanda.

Director Operations’ Statement

Director Operations, Farhan Khan, expressed the company’s dedication in a press statement. He stated, “At foodpanda, ensuring the health and safety of our delivery riders remains our top priority. Through this initiative, we want to reiterate our commitment to prioritizing the well-being of our riders.

Community Responsibility

This contribution underscores the collective responsibility of businesses toward the communities they serve. By providing safety kits, foodpanda and its partners go beyond prioritizing rider health; they actively contribute to building a healthier and more resilient society.

A Safer, Healthier Society

The collaborative efforts between foodpanda and its healthcare partners in distributing safety kits demonstrate a commitment to a safer society. This initiative not only safeguards rider well-being but also upholds foodpanda’s standards for the benefit of customers and delivery partners.

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