Airlink Communication attends Xiaomi's Mi 14 Series Global Launch

Airlink Communication attends Xiaomi’s Mi 14 Series Global Launch

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Airlink Communication’s leadership, under the guidance of CEO Mr. Muzzaffar Hayat Piracha, was honored with an invitation from Xiaomi to attend the global launch of the Mi 14 Series. The Airlink team, comprising Syed Nafees Haider (Director Sales & Distribution) and Adnan Aftab (CEO Select Technologies), played a pivotal role in this prestigious event.


Interactions with Xiaomi’s Top Management

During the launch, Airlink’s management engaged in meaningful discussions with key figures from Xiaomi, including Mr. Lu Weibing (President and Partner) and Mr. Mathias Harsh (CEO of Leica Camera). These strategic interactions aimed to solidify the partnership and collaboration between the two companies, with a shared commitment to continual improvement despite industry challenges.

Strategic Meeting at MWC

In a significant development, the Airlink management held a detailed meeting with Mr. Andy Lin (Vice President International Department) on the sidelines of the Mobile World Congress (MWC). This meeting focused on reinforcing the partnership and cooperation between Airlink Communication and Xiaomi, emphasizing their dedication to advancing products and services in the face of industry challenges.

Strengthening Partnership Despite Challenges

The core focus of these interactions was to enhance the partnership and cooperation between Airlink Communication and Xiaomi. The discussions centered around continuous improvement in products and services, demonstrating a collective commitment to overcoming challenges and delivering exceptional value to consumers worldwide.

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