Nimra Mehra, Spotify's EQUAL Pakistan Ambassador for February 2024

Nimra Mehra, Spotify’s EQUAL Pakistan Ambassador for February 2024

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In a continued commitment to spotlight talented female voices, Spotify proudly announces Nimra Mehra as the EQUAL Pakistan Ambassador for February 2024. Nimra, a rising star in the Pakistani music scene, features her track “Je Pata Hunda” on the EQUAL Pakistan playlist, a standout melody dominating the Top Viral Pakistan chart since December 2023.

Nimra’s Musical Impact

Nimra Mehra has 111,000 monthly listeners, making her a musical sensation. She captivates audiences globally, especially in India, Pakistan, the UK, Canada, and the US. Her soulful voice resonates internationally.

Nimra’s Vision as EQUAL Ambassador

“I see my appointment as the EQUAL Ambassador for February as a chance to uplift women in Pakistan’s artist community,” says Nimra. She emphasizes the opportunity to promote inclusivity and break barriers in a society where women artists face challenges. Nimra believes that this recognition is vital for fostering equality and empowering women to embrace their talents and voices.

A Remarkable Musical Journey

Nimra, celebrated for her beautiful voice, made her television debut in 2014 on a popular local talent show’s first season. This marked the commencement of a remarkable musical journey that has continued to elevate her status as a prominent artist in the Pakistani music landscape.

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