Tetra Pak Showcases Circular Packaging at Euro Village 2024

Tetra Pak Showcases Circular Packaging at Euro Village 2024


Tetra Pak recently showcased its unwavering commitment to packaging circularity at Euro Village 2024, a prestigious event hosted by the European Union in Islamabad. An excellent opportunity for Tetra Pak to showcase ongoing efforts in shaping a sustainable future emerged from this platform.

Engaging Dignitaries and Guests at the Tetra Pak Booth

Distinguished dignitaries and guests, including the Ambassador and Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Pakistan, Dr. Riina Kionka, graced the Tetra Pak booth with their presence. They actively engaged with company representatives, expressing their appreciation for Tetra Pak’s innovative approach to repurposing used cartons. The focus on promoting packaging circularity was lauded as a significant step towards fostering a greener environment in Pakistan.

Tetra Pak’s Local Partnership with Green Earth Recycling

Tetra Pak Pakistan took the opportunity to highlight its successful local partnership with Green Earth Recycling. Since 2014, Green Earth Recycling has consistently increased its recycling targets. They collect and transform packaging waste into sellable products like furniture and roofing solutions.

Noor Aftab’s Remarks on Tetra Pak’s Initiatives

Noor Aftab, the Head of Public Affairs and Government Relations at Tetra Pak Pakistan, expressed pride in showcasing their packaging circularity initiatives at Euro Village 2024. Aftab emphasized Tetra Pak’s dedication, as exemplified by the collaboration with Green Earth Recycling. The goal is to raise recycling targets and convert packaging waste into valuable products, contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly environment.

A Commitment to Eco-Friendly Future

Euro Village: A yearly cultural celebration showcasing global European influence. The event includes family-centric cultural and entertainment activities, fostering interactions between locals and European representatives. Tetra Pak’s involvement emphasizes its dedication to promoting packaging circularity, advancing towards an eco-friendly future.

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