EDOTCO Pakistan's Pioneering Sustainable Development and Community Wellbeing in 2023

EDOTCO Pakistan’s Pioneering Sustainable Development and Community Wellbeing in 2023


EDOTCO Pakistan, a prominent player in the telecommunications infrastructure sector, achieved a notable milestone in its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in 2023. Their Tower to Community (T2C) initiative in Tehsil Kabir Wala, Multan, exemplifies their commitment to underprivileged areas lacking grid power access. This visionary project not only delivered clean energy to nearby households but also set a benchmark for integrating sustainable energy practices with societal upliftment.

Innovative Approach to Connectivity & Clean Energy

EDOTCO Pakistan ingeniously utilized its towers as both telecom infrastructure and power sources for off-grid homes. By tapping into solar energy, the company connected the unconnected and underscored its role in driving sustainable development. This initiative showcases EDOTCO Pakistan’s unwavering dedication to enhancing community welfare and livelihoods through innovative solutions.

Promoting Health & Safety

In its relentless pursuit of community welfare, EDOTCO Pakistan introduced the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) school program. Piloted in Islamabad and the Mansehra District, the program aimed to create a safer and health-conscious environment. Implemented in schools, including Mansehra Public School & College and Pehli Kiran Schools, the OHS program educated students on crucial health and safety standards while providing essential first-aid kits and fire extinguishers.

Abdul Aziz on Advancing Community Commitment

Abdul Aziz, Country Managing Director at EDOTCO Pakistan, highlighted the company’s commitment to community upliftment through the T2C initiative and OHS School Program. He emphasized aligning strategic initiatives with sustainable growth, focusing on community development, and creating a positive impact. Aziz’s statement underscored EDOTCO Pakistan’s dedication to making a substantial difference in the communities they serve.

Technology for Inclusive Development

EDOTCO Pakistan acknowledges technology’s pivotal role in societal advancement. The T2C initiative and OHS School Program showcase their active engagement in community welfare. With forward-thinking strategies, the company reaffirms its commitment to fostering a connected, brighter, and more inclusive future.

EDOTCO Pakistan’s Holistic Approach

Established in 2013 as a subsidiary of the EDOTCO Group, EDOTCO Pakistan consistently champions tower infrastructure. Their holistic offerings, including tower leasing, co-locations, and energy management, emphasize sustainability. A study with Roland Berger indicates that tower companies sharing infrastructure could save Mobile Network Operators up to US$10 billion. Consumers might save up to US$67 billion by 2025, thanks to affordable 5G services.

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