Saleem Karsaz – First Pakistani Real Estate Luminary Honored at Burj Khalifa

Saleem Karsaz – First Pakistani Real Estate Luminary Honored at Burj Khalifa


Saleem Karsaz, the dynamic Group CEO of Aeon & Trisl, achieves an extraordinary milestone as the Dubai Land Department honors him at the iconic Burj Khalifa. Recognized as the Highest Ranked Agent in Dubai, this accolade highlights his exceptional contributions to the city’s real estate scene.

A Visionary’s Success Story

As the visionary leader propelling Aeon & Trisl, Saleem Karsaz not only gains individual recognition but also secures the firm’s position as a Top Agency with renowned developers like Emaar, Damac, Nakheel, Majid Al Futtaim, and Dubai Properties.

Beyond Professional Achievements

Saleem’s success is a testament to the strength of partnerships. In a heartfelt statement, he expresses deep gratitude to his wife, mother, and companions for their unwavering support on the journey to such heights.

Historic Achievement at Burj Khalifa

Being the first Pakistani real estate luminary honored at Burj Khalifa, Saleem Karsaz solidifies his standing as a prominent leader in Dubai’s competitive real estate market.

Inspiring Global Professionals

Saleem Karsaz’s milestone motivates globally. It showcases his inspiring journey. Dedication and collaboration set a success standard. In the real estate landscape, Saleem inspires the next generation. Saleem’s journey inspires globally, emphasizing excellence and collaboration as keys to success in the evolving industry.

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