Google Photos Introduces auto-grouping ‘Stacks’ on Android

Google Photos Introduces auto-grouping ‘Stacks’ on Android

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Google Photos introduced “Photo Stacks” in November, marking its debut on iOS and now making its way to Android. This feature aims to assist users in organizing similar photos taken within a short time frame.

Automatic Grouping Mechanism

To streamline the user experience, Google employs an automatic grouping mechanism in Photo Stacks. This ensures that only one image is displayed in the main grid, with a number and icon in the top-right corner of the thumbnail indicating a grouping in the Photos tab.

Carousel Format and Grid View

Upon opening a grouping, users can easily swipe through images in a carousel format. A convenient 2×2 button at the front of the bottom filmstrip allows users to view everything in a grid. Options within a stack include selecting a different top pick, removing a photo, or managing the collection to declutter the photo library.

AI Technology Integration

The Photo Stacks feature incorporates AI technology, accessible through a vertical three-dot menu on Android (horizontal on iOS). This menu provides users with the ability to quickly enable or disable the “Stack similar photos” function.

Flexible Sharing and Adding to Albums

Google provides flexibility in sharing or adding a stack to albums. Users can include only selected items or the entire Photo stack, covering all related photos.

Unstacking Option for Individual Viewing

For users who prefer individual photo viewing, Google includes an option to “unstack an entire photo stack.” By long-pressing on the stack and tapping “Unstack photos,” users can return to viewing the images individually in the main grid.

Gradual Rollout on Android

While initially introduced on iOS, Photo Stacks is gradually becoming available on Android. Although not widely accessible yet, Android users can anticipate a more organized and efficient way to manage their photos as this innovative feature rolls out on Google Photos.

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