WhatsApp Launches Meta Verified Subscription for Business Accounts

WhatsApp Launches “Meta Verified” Subscription for Business Accounts

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WhatsApp is elevating the Android user experience with its latest beta update, introducing the Meta Verified feature. This latest beta update focuses on bolstering customer trust by allowing businesses to subscribe to Meta Verified. Currently, this feature is in its early stages and accessible only to select beta testers, the plan is to extend this feature to all users soon.

Distinct Identification Build Number

This update comes with a unique identification build number, labeled as v2.24.1.21. For those eager to explore this update, it is conveniently accessible through the Google Play Beta Program, as it remains in the beta phase.

Opting in to Meta Verified

The update introduces new settings within the app settings, enabling businesses to opt into Meta Verified. This subscription bestows a verified badge upon businesses, replacing the previous WhatsApp Premium subscription. The Meta Verified subscription retains some familiar elements, such as a custom business link and the ability to connect up to 10 devices.

Key Identifier for Legitimacy

The verified badge holds more than just cosmetic significance; it serves as a crucial identifier distinguishing authentic channels from potential impersonators. Subscribing businesses will prominently showcase the verified badge on their business profile, reinforcing their legitimacy—a move emphasized by Mark Zuckerberg himself.

Under Development but Coming Soon

The Meta Verified Subscription for Businesses feature is currently under development, with a wide release expected in the near future. Those eager to explore this feature can readily access it through the Google Play Beta Program in the meantime. Stay tuned for a significant enhancement in the realm of business subscriptions on WhatsApp.

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