TikTok Creator Awards Commemorate #YearOnTikTok in Pakistan

TikTok Creator Awards Commemorate #YearOnTikTok in Pakistan

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TikTok wrapped up the year with a spectacular event, “Year on TikTok 2023,” held in Lahore. The festivities commemorated community, creativity, and self-expression, showcasing TikTok’s dedication to celebrating Pakistani creators, top videos, and trends of the year through the Creator Awards and captivating performances.

Empowering Creators on TikTok

TikTok, renowned as a platform for creators to share talents, creativity, and interests, empowers users to contribute to cultural movements and raise awareness around societal issues. The Creator Awards acknowledged inspiring creators across 10 categories, spanning entertainment, lifestyle, sports, and the prestigious Top Creator of the Year award. Creators celebrated for engaging audiences, sparking global cultural movements originating on TikTok with a lasting impact.

A Night of Entertainment

The #YearOnTikTok event lived up to its billing as the home for entertainment. Content creators Raamis Ali and Ali Aftab Saeed, both recognized for their talent through TikTok, treated guests to captivating performances. Music icon Asim Azhar, whose tracks gained immense popularity on TikTok, delivered a mesmerizing performance, setting the stage ablaze for the grand finale.

Celebrating the Creative Community

Saif Mujahid, Head of Content Operations & Marketing – Pakistan at TikTok, expressed pride in celebrating a community that played a pivotal role in producing some of the most exciting content of 2023. The TikTok community showcased remarkable creativity, turning innovative ideas into successful careers. Mujahid emphasized how TikTok has brought people together to experience joy, connection, and a sense of belonging, expressing anticipation for the community’s future endeavors.

Reliving the Moments

To witness TikTok’s memorable year-end celebration and discover creators from across the region, viewers can tune in to #ForYouParty and #YearOnTikTok. TikTok invites all to relive highlights, share creativity, and enjoy camaraderie that defined the vibrant community in 2023.

TikTok invites users to share #YearOnTikTok memories with trending sounds, making 2023 a truly #ForYou year-end celebration.

The winners:

Top Emerging Creator – Kazi Akber (kaziakber)

Top Technology Creator – Bilal Munir (Videowalisarkar)

Top Health & Fitness Creator – Bilal Kamoka (bilalkamokaofficial)

Top Entertainer – Romaisa Khan (romaisa.khan._)

Top Food Creator – Adeel Chaudry (adeelchaudry1)

Top Fashion Creator – Areeka Haq (areeka_haq)

Top Travel Creator – Abrar Hassan (widelensbyabrar)

Top Sports Creator – Ch Waleed Rauf (chwaleedrauf)

People’s Choice Award – Hamza Zohaib (hamza_vfx)

Top Creator of 2023 – Malik Abubaker (malikabubaker)

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