Bank Alfalah Hits 1000th Branch Launch and Surpasses PKR 2 Trillion in Deposits Milestones

Bank Alfalah Hits 1000th Branch Launch and Surpasses PKR 2 Trillion in Deposits Milestones


Bank Alfalah Limited, a prominent commercial bank in Pakistan, has achieved two significant milestones that underscore its commitment to growth and solidify its position in the country’s banking sector.

A Remarkable Journey

The launch of Bank Alfalah’s 1000th branch marks a remarkable journey that began over 26 years ago. In 1997, investors from Abu Dhabi, led by Chairman Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan, acquired three branches, laying the foundation for a transformative vision. Renamed ‘Bank Alfalah,’ the institution has prioritized innovation and customer-centricity, shaping the banking landscape for over two decades.

Surpassing PKR 2 Trillion in Deposits

Within two and a half years of reaching the PKR 1 trillion deposits mark, Bank Alfalah achieved the significant milestone of surpassing PKR 2 trillion in deposits. Despite challenging economic conditions, the bank’s robust growth stands as a testament to the dedication and resilience of its colleagues during testing times.

Reflections from the Chairman

His Excellency Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan, reflecting on the occasion, expressed pride in the realization of the dream envisioned over two decades ago. He acknowledged the role of customer-centricity and innovation in making Bank Alfalah synonymous with progress, thanking the Government of Pakistan and the State Bank of Pakistan for their support.

Commitment to Excellence and Innovation

Atif Bajwa, Bank Alfalah’s CEO, sees the journey as a symbol of commitment to excellence and takes pride in it. He emphasizes efforts in transforming banking with the 1000th branch and surpassing PKR 2 trillion deposits milestone. The Bank renews its dedication to focusing on people’s banking needs through digital innovation. Recent strides in digital services underscore the commitment to redefine the banking landscape in Pakistan. Bank Alfalah, excelling in diverse banking services, prioritizes exceptional customer experiences and financial inclusion. The commitment extends to collaborative efforts with stakeholders, reinforcing its role as the ‘Caring Bank.’

Philanthropy and Flood Relief in 2022

In 2022, Bank Alfalah emerged as the leading corporate contributor to flood-affected communities. This initiative seeks to restore normalcy for residents in areas heavily affected by flood disasters. Bank Alfalah leads in digital banking, championing inclusive and seamless experiences. It introduced varied services for convenient finance management, accessible at branches or from the comfort of homes.

Continuous Innovation in Digital Banking

Bank Alfalah has been at the forefront of digital banking, introducing diverse services to facilitate convenient financial management for consumers. The Bank integrates digital innovation into daily life with the launch of Pakistan’s first digital branch and digital payment centers. This strategic move simplifies financial transactions and contributes significantly to the growth of financial inclusion in Pakistan.

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