Scroll it Back with Year on TikTok 2023

Scroll it Back with Year on TikTok 2023


Today, TikTok releases its annual year-end report, Year on TikTok 2023, inviting its global community to relive the most unforgettable trends, creators, and moments that shaped 2023 in Pakistan and around the world.

A Year of Connection and Influence

In 2023, TikTok’s vast global community of over 1 billion people continued to converge on the platform, fostering connections and positively impacting culture. From life hacks to laughter and musings on the Roman Empire, users united to create, connect, and celebrate authenticity.

Diverse Creativity Across Pakistan

Throughout the year, the TikTok community in Pakistan showcased diverse content, including foolproof recipes, humorous skits, throwback tracks, thriving small businesses, and more. Users engaged in daily life hacks, promoted awareness of mental and physical health, learned new skills, followed fashion trends, and explored hidden locations and culinary delights.

Honoring Standout Moments

“Year on TikTok 2023″ serves as a tribute to the standout moments that captivated TikTok users worldwide. Year on TikTok 2023 is a window into stories inspiring, entertaining, and educating over 1 billion worldwide. Thanks for sharing joy,” said Adam Presser, TikTok’s Head of Operations.

Pakistani Creativity Acknowledged

Saif Mujahid, Head of Content Operations and Marketing for Pakistan at TikTok, highlighted the vibrant creativity of the Pakistani community. From sports content to insightful life hacks, TikTok in Pakistan became a space for authentic expression and positive impact.

Upcoming Celebrations in Lahore

Stay tuned for more Year on TikTok 2023 celebrations in Pakistan, including an event in Lahore. The TikTok team looks forward to another year of laughter and creativity with the community.

Strolling Down Memory Lane

As TikTok invites users to stroll down memory lane, the community is encouraged to explore this year’s most memorable trends, creators, and moments by searching #YearOnTikTok on the app or visiting TikTok Newsroom.

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