Xiaomi Unveils First Electric Car, Aims to Top Global Automaker Rankings

Xiaomi Unveils First Electric Car, Aims to Top Global Automaker Rankings


Chinese smartphone giant Xiaomi unveiled its inaugural electric vehicle, the SU7, with ambitions to secure a spot among the world’s top five automakers.

A Fusion of Smartphone Technology

The SU7 sedan, leveraging Xiaomi’s shared operating system with its popular phones, is poised to capitalize on innovative integration with smartphone technology.

Dream Car Comparable to Porsche and Tesla

Xiaomi’s CEO, Lei Jun, expressed bold aspirations, envisioning the development of a dream car on par with luxury brands like Porsche and Tesla.

Xiaomi’s 15 to 20-Year Plan

Lei Jun outlined a 15 to 20-year plan for Xiaomi to ascend into the ranks of the world’s top five automakers, contributing to the growth of China’s overall automobile industry.

Xiaomi’s Shift to Electric Vehicles

In line with diversification, Xiaomi committed $10B over a decade for electric vehicles, as announced in 2021. This financial commitment reflects Xiaomi’s determination to carve a significant presence in the evolving electric vehicle landscape.

A Focus on Industry-Leading Capabilities

Xiaomi highlighted its autonomous driving capabilities, asserting a leading position in technological advancements within the automotive industry. The company aims to forefront innovation in the realm of autonomous driving.

Xiaomi’s and BAIC Group’s Collaboration

Xiaomi cars made by BAIC Group in Beijing with a 200,000-vehicle annual capacity. Despite challenges in China’s auto market, Xiaomi aims to carve a niche with its EV entry.

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