PMDC Expecting WFME Recognition, Enabling Global Opportunities for Pakistani Doctors

PMDC Expecting WFME Recognition, Enabling Global Opportunities for Pakistani Doctors


The Recognition Team of the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME) recently visited Pakistan to conclude evaluations of the country’s medical education programs. Prof. Dr. Rizwan Taj, President of the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PM&DC), expressed optimism that WFME’s recognition would enable graduates from PM&DC-licensed colleges to undergo unrestricted training and work globally, particularly in the United States.

Anticipation for WFME Recognition Decision

Dr. Taj emphasized that the WFME would communicate its final decision on PM&DC and its Accreditation Programme in due course, following their established process. He assured the public of promptly sharing any decision, acknowledging the dedicated efforts of PM&DC in attaining accreditation.

WFME’s Global Commitment to Medical Education

Dr. Taj emphasized WFME’s global recognition as an international organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of medical education worldwide. Emphasizing the significance of excellent patient care, he stressed the need for comprehensive training.
Ensuring medical professionals possess the necessary skills is crucial for delivering high-quality healthcare services, according to him.

Establishing Global Partnerships

Aligning with its objectives, PM&DC aims to build lasting relationships with global organizations like WFME. WFME recognition ensures accredited medical institutes adhere to the highest standards of education and training in medicine.

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