Google Unleashes .meme Domain for Creating the Internet's Funniest Websites

Google Unleashes .meme Domain for Creating the Internet’s Funniest Websites


In its latest endeavor to commodify internet culture, Google has introduced a new top-level domain, .meme. Recognizing the enduring popularity of meme culture among netizens, the search engine giant aims to create a dedicated online space for this phenomenon through its registry.

 A Game-Changing Move

Google’s registry now allows users to append “.meme” to the end of their website URLs. The domain is currently in the early access phase, offering enthusiasts the chance to register unique .meme domain names for an additional one-time fee. Alternatively, users can wait until December 5th when the domain becomes publicly accessible at a standard annual rate, avoiding the extra cost associated with early access.

The .meme Online Space

The .meme domain is poised to become a comprehensive one-stop destination for all things meme-related. This innovative online space aims to unite websites dedicated to viral internet crazes. It caters to diverse meme enthusiasts by bringing together a variety of content.

Cat Memes Take Center Stage

Several users have already seized the opportunity to register .meme websites, with a notable focus on cat memes. Examples include,, and Even the well-known meme explainer website,, has transitioned to the .meme address, further solidifying the domain’s presence.

Google’s Diverse Domain Collection

While Google Registry boasts several unique domain names such as .dad, .boo, and the recently launched .ing, the .meme domain stands out as one of the most unique and captivating choices in their diverse collection. This move underlines Google’s commitment to embracing and enhancing internet culture through innovative domain offerings.

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