Aurora Tech Award & CIRCLE Women Association Join Forces for Inspiring Symposium

Aurora Tech Award & CIRCLE Women Association Join Forces for Inspiring Symposium


Aurora Tech Award and CIRCLE Women Association united to host an engaging and inspirational event named “Tech Tales of Triumph.” This collaborative effort aimed to raise awareness and encourage women in Pakistan to apply for the prestigious Aurora Tech Award.

Spotlight on Empowerment in Lahore

Held on November 8 at Daftarkhwan Downtown in Lahore, the symposium marked a significant stride in the realm of women’s tech empowerment. It served as a platform to showcase the stories of remarkable women leaders in the tech industry who defied norms and overcame challenges. These women shared their personal journeys and victories, inspiring and empowering the next generation of women in tech.

 Real-Life Stories

The symposium not only facilitated insightful discussions but also presented real-life examples of women making significant strides in tech. Attendees seized the chance to learn from and connect with professionals who achieved remarkable success, breaking barriers in their journeys. The event served as a valuable platform for networking and learning from accomplished individuals in the tech industry.

Celebrating Women’s Achievements

Ekaterina Smirnova, Head of Aurora Tech Awards, conveyed the organization’s dedication to acknowledging exceptional talent.
She emphasized their commitment to driving innovation in the tech sector through the Aurora Tech Awards initiative. The collaboration with CIRCLE Women in the “Tech Tales of Triumph” event embodied this mission, highlighting and celebrating women’s achievements in tech.

Platform for Aspiring Women in Tech

Sadaf Abid, CEO and founder of CIRCLE Women Association, emphasized the event’s goal to provide a platform for aspiring women in tech. The collaboration with inDrive and Aurora Tech Awards served as a testament to CIRCLE Women’s commitment to fostering mentorship, insightful discussions, and career growth for women in the tech domain.

Breaking Barriers & Fostering Inclusivity

Maria Rudnik, Project Coordinator at Aurora Tech Award, echoed their dedication to promoting diversity and breaking gender barriers in tech. The event, in collaboration with CIRCLE Women, demonstrated a strong commitment to fostering an inclusive tech community. Their goal is to empower the next generation of women in the industry, emphasizing diversity and equal opportunities.

Noteworthy Attendees and Participants

The event drew a diverse audience, including tech professionals, entrepreneurs, journalists, and media representatives. Ayesha Zaman, Founder of Skills Todo & Bridge and Co-Founder of Pakistan Tech Forum, Cynia Ejaz, Manager Partnerships and Community at Daftarkhawan, and Faiza Yousaf, Co-Founder and CPO at CaterpillHERs, were among the notable attendees who contributed to the event’s success.

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