Mobilink Bank Triumphs at Veon's Ignite Awards in Istanbul

Mobilink Bank Triumphs at Veon’s Ignite Awards in Istanbul


Pakistan’s leading digital microfinance bank, Mobilink Bank, secured victory in three highly contested categories, including ‘Double-Digit Growth,’ ‘Financial Services,’ and ‘Diversity and Inclusion,’ at Veon’s Ignite Awards held in Istanbul. The recognition reflects the bank’s commitment to excellence and its noteworthy achievements at the group level, showcasing a dedication to financial inclusivity and digital innovation.

Global Impact through VEON Group

Mobilink Bank, a digital microfinance leader, is part of the global VEON group in seven countries. Mobilink Bank, a key player in digital microfinance, is with the VEON group in seven countries. VEON aims to transform lives through digital inclusion and drive growth in regions with over 8% of the global population.

Awards Acknowledgement and CEO’s Dedication

Ghazanfar Azzam, President and CEO of Mobilink Bank, received the awards and dedicated the triumph to his team for their professionalism, commitment to excellence, and innovation. Azzam highlighted the bank’s robust financial performance, affordable financial services, and strong workplace culture as the outcomes of years of hard work, expressing gratitude to Veon for the recognition.

COO’s Perspective on Milestone Achievement

Haaris Mahmood Chaudhary, Mobilink Bank’s COO, views Veon’s recognition as a validation of the bank’s financial strength and inclusive culture. This inspires renewed commitment to customer-centric digital financial services, reinforcing dedication to excellence. Viewing this as a catalyst, he motivates the bank to persist in enhancing customer experience through premium digital financial services. This milestone inspires ongoing dedication to delivering top-tier digital financial services.

Consistent Performance and Social Impact

The awards underscore Mobilink Bank’s consistently strong performance and positive benchmarks in the microfinance industry. The bank’s digital system serves millions daily, empowering thousands, especially women in the lowest economic tier.
With a robust digital system, the bank empowers thousands, particularly women in the lowest economic tier.

Diverse and Inclusive Workplace

Guided by principles of transparency, meritocracy, and equal opportunity, Mobilink Bank fosters a diverse and inclusive workplace. The bank’s focus on a healthy work-life balance and employee satisfaction has positioned it as an employer of choice in the country.

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