Dawlance Inaugurates its 400th Touch Point for Consumers


In continuation of its commitment to deliver the highest quality of services, Dawlance – the technology-leading enterprise in Pakistan’s Home-Appliances industry, has now inaugurated its 400th Touch Point, at its Lahore Service Center. This is a big milestone in the expansion of Dawlance customer service all over the country.

A Celebration of Excellence

Senior management of Dawlance and other stakeholders of the industry were present on the occasion and applauded the company’s efforts to create unmatched convenience and elevate its standards of services and quality. The nationwide network of Touch Points has established across all major cities, with a standardized layout, decor and visual design, along with state-of-the-art equipment. The customers can get hands-on experience with the complete range of Dawlance’s innovative products, promising complete reliability with more than 50% energy conservation for a sustainable future.

CEO’s Vision for Accessibility and Quality

The Chief Executive Officer of Dawlance – Mr. Umar Ahsan Khan – stated: “It is a delightful moment for us, to promise easier accessibility, wider outreach and a higher level of customer care. Such robust investments also reflect the progressive vision of our global parent company – Arçelik, which is the second-largest manufacturer in Europe, based in Turkey. With our focus on excellence and after-sales service, Dawlance always exceeds the customers’ expectations and evolving needs.”

A Diverse Range of Quality Appliances

The complete range of Dawlance home appliances includes; Refrigerators, Deep-Freezers, washing machines, Dishwashers, Cooking Range and smaller kitchen appliances, with the same quality promised by the products from Turkey and the developed world. In recent years, Dawlance has also focused on exporting its quality products to other countries.

Investing in Quality and Innovation

Since its acquisition in 2016, Arçelik has invested more than 36 Million Euros in this wholly-owned subsidiary – Dawlance, to inspire higher productivity and quality, through research and development. Every employee of this progressive enterprise has inspired to ensure compliance with global standards and best practices, at every level of operations.

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