Hyundai Nishat Motor Launches Santa Fe Hybrid in Pakistan


In recent weeks, the Pakistani automotive industry has been eagerly anticipating the launch of a high-tech product by Hyundai Nishat Motor (Private) Limited (HNMPL). The wait has finally come to an end, as HNMPL unveiled the all-new Hyundai Santa Fe Hybrid on Sunday. This highly awaited release has poised to reshape the automotive landscape in Pakistan and solidify HNMPL’s position in the country’s auto sector.

A Bold Step Amid Economic Challenges

Despite the challenges posed by the current economic situation, HNMPL remains resolute in its mission to introduce innovative vehicles to the Pakistani market. The Hyundai Santa Fe Hybrid is a testament to this commitment, representing a significant advancement in the SUV segment. It promises unparalleled performance, style, and hybrid technology, making it a standout choice for Pakistani consumers.

CEO Hasan Mansha’s Perspective

During the launch event, Hasan Mansha, the CEO of Hyundai Nishat Motor (Private) Limited, expressed his thoughts, stating, “The Hyundai Santa Fe Hybrid marks an exciting milestone for us as we introduce our fifth Completely Knocked Down (CKD) unit in Pakistan. With this launch, we are making a bold statement in the SUV market, solidifying our commitment to providing a diverse range of high-quality vehicles to our valued customers.”

Setting New Standards with Hybrid Technology

The Hyundai Santa Fe Hybrid distinguishes itself in the Pakistani market with its cutting-edge hybrid technology. It offers exceptional fuel efficiency, impressive performance, and reduced emissions. As Pakistan’s first All-Wheel Drive (AWD) 7-seater Hybrid D SUV, it caters to the needs of larger families and environmentally conscious drivers alike.

A Luxurious and Safe Driving Experience

As a luxury SUV, the Santa Fe provides ample space and a lavish interior, ensuring a premium driving experience. Its turbocharged engine guarantees dynamic performance, while advanced safety features prioritize the well-being of both the driver and passengers. In summary, the Santa Fe is a groundbreaking hybrid SUV that seamlessly combines luxury, power, and safety to redefine the driving experience in Pakistan.

Capturing the SUV Market in Pakistan

Hyundai Nishat Motor (Private) Limited envisions catering to every car segment, and with the introduction of the Santa Fe hybrid, they aim to capture the SUV market in Pakistan, setting new standards for innovation and luxury.

A Commitment to Pakistani Consumers

Hyundai Nishat Motor (Private) Limited reaffirms its unwavering commitment to the Pakistani market. With the Hyundai Santa Fe Hybrid, HNMPL brings the best of its capabilities to Pakistani consumers, ensuring they have access to world-class vehicles that exemplify Hyundai’s legacy of quality and innovation.

Availability and Pricing

The Hyundai Santa Fe will be available nationwide in two different variants: Smart (FWD) priced at 12,990,000 and Signature (AWD) priced at 14,699,000, making it accessible to a wide range of Pakistani car enthusiasts.

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