LUMS Hosts Groundbreaking Ceremony for Yusuf H. Shirazi Complex


LUMS, Lahore University of Management Sciences, recently hosted a groundbreaking ceremony to commemorate the initiation of its groundbreaking project – the Yusuf H. Shirazi Complex. Named after the former Chairman of the Atlas Group and one of the founding members of LUMS, this complex has poised to become a cornerstone for research, innovation, and intellectual exchange at the university.

A Beacon of Sustainability

The Yusuf H. Shirazi Complex is not just another building; it is a testament to sustainability and environmental consciousness. The design aims for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold Certification, emphasizing efficient material usage to ensure a prominent green footprint. The building will powered by renewable energy sources and will feature nine unique classrooms, each offering a distinct learning experience.

Fostering Multidisciplinary Research

Beyond its physical attributes, the complex will serve as a hub for collaboration among various centers at LUMS. Multidisciplinary research will thrive in areas such as water, energy, entrepreneurship, learning, gender, and technology. Moreover, the complex will house a state-of-the-art Makers Lab, providing students with a multifunctional facility to unleash their creativity and develop prototypes.

Honoring the Shirazi Family

The groundbreaking ceremony has a momentous occasion attended by the Shirazi family, including Mr. Iftikhar H. Shirazi, Chairman of the Atlas Foundation; Mr. Aamir H. Shirazi, President of the Atlas Group; Mr. Saquib H. Shirazi, President/Chief Executive Officer of Atlas Honda Limited; and Mr. Ali H. Shirazi, President/Chief Executive Officer of Atlas Battery Limited.

A Legacy of Generosity

LUMS has enjoyed a longstanding partnership with the Atlas Group, which has generously contributed to the National Management Foundation and provided scholarships for financially disadvantaged students. Mr. Iftikhar Shirazi, reflecting on his father’s association with LUMS, expressed, “It’s a historical moment for us today. Emotional as well, thinking of our dear father. He always used to say that what comes from society should go back to society. A Parha Likha Pakistan was always his dream.”

Acknowledgment of Patronage

LUMS senior leadership, including the Founding Pro Chancellor, Syed Babar Ali; Pro Chancellor, Mr. Abdul Razak Dawood; Rector, Mr. Shahid Hussain; Acting Vice Chancellor and Provost, Dr. Tariq Jadoon; and faculty members were present at the ceremony to acknowledge the generous patronage of the Shirazi family.

Words of Gratitude

Syed Babar Ali expressed his gratitude, stating, “We cannot thank Yusuf Shirazi enough for what he contributed, and for his sons to keep it going and building on the good foundation.” Mr. Abdul Razak Dawood added, “Yusuf Shirazi was a great man, and here we are today, making a great building as a tribute to him.” Mr. Shahid Hussain chimed in, saying, “We’re all very grateful to you for the funds, but also the interest that you are all taking in the development of the project. We have quite literally left no stone unturned in our efforts to make sure that the building is not only going to designed well but also constructed well.”

A Path to Solutions

The Yusuf H. Shirazi Complex signifies more than just bricks and mortar; it represents a path to cutting-edge research, collaboration with industry and government, and the provision of solutions to address the grand challenges of the South Asian region.

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