Shakib pays a visit to the US Embassy and Plays cricket with Peter Haas

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Bangladesh captain Shakib Al Hasan recently made a memorable visit to the US Embassy in Dhaka, where he engaged in a friendly game of cricket with US Ambassador Peter Haas. The US Embassy shared a delightful video on their social media platforms, showcasing Shakib’s bowling skills as he bowled to Ambassador Haas, who bravely faced Shakib’s deliveries. The video beautifully captured the camaraderie between Shakib and the US Ambassador, as well as the fleeting moments when others joined in the friendly cricket match.

During his visit, Shakib was accompanied by his wife and children, adding a touch of warmth and family spirit to the occasion. Notably, Shakib’s wife, Umme Ahmed Shishir, resides in the United States with their children, and Shakib often seizes opportunities to visit his family whenever he can carve out time from his busy cricketing schedule.

At present, Shakib is relishing a well-deserved break from the cricketing arena. However, cricket enthusiasts can look forward to his return as he has expected to join the national team soon. The team is gearing up for an exciting journey to India to participate in the highly anticipated World Cup, where Shakib’s exceptional skills are sure to make a significant impact.

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