Emirates Expands Codeshare Partnership with Air Canada to Include Montréal Flights


Emirates has recently announced the extension of its codeshare partnership with Air Canada, encompassing flights to and from Montréal. This expansion comes after the successful launch of services to Québec’s largest city in July. Travelers now have the convenience of planning their journeys between 11 popular domestic points connected to Montréal and a multitude of destinations within Emirates’ extensive network. All of this can efficiently managed using a single ticket that leverages the services of both airlines.

Canadian Network Expansion: 11 Destinations via Montréal, 69 Interline Points

The partnership’s growth means that Emirates and Air Canada now offer an extended network of Canadian points, encompassing 11 destinations accessible through Montréal. Moreover, the collaboration opens up an additional 69 points that can reached from this gateway through an interline basis. This broadens the range of travel options for passengers and facilitates seamless connections.

Streamlined Booking Process

Tickets for this expanded network are readily available through emirates.com and preferred travel agencies. This streamlined booking process makes it convenient for travelers to access the benefits of this strategic partnership.

Enhanced Flexibility and Connectivity

The Emirates and Air Canada codeshare partnership has designed to offer travelers enhanced flexibility and choice. This collaboration presents smooth connections via Canada’s two largest cities to various points, including popular destinations such as Halifax, Edmonton, Ottawa, and Calgary. This is especially advantageous for both leisure and business travelers, as well as those visiting family and friends. With Toronto as a starting point, Emirates customers can conveniently access 19 points through codeshare benefits, and an additional 100 destinations through an interline arrangement.

Seamless Global Travel

Customers departing from Canadian cities can easily connect to Emirates’ services in either Montréal or Toronto, opening up a world of exciting destinations across Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. These connections have facilitated through Emirates’ hub in Dubai, providing a seamless travel experience.

Premium Services and Connectivity

Emirates stands out for its premium services. With daily flights between Toronto and Dubai, passengers enjoy the luxury of Emirates’ flagship A380 aircraft. Additionally, there are seven weekly flights connecting Montréal and Dubai, operated using the Boeing 777. This ensures passengers can effectively plan their travel schedules to various global destinations while enjoying unmatched connectivity.

Hassle-Free Travel Benefits

Travelers embarking on Emirates flights can easily plan their entire trip with the convenience of a single ticket. This approach grants them access to hassle-free flight benefits, including Emirates’ generous baggage allowance. What’s more, passengers can take advantage of convenient bag check-through, ensuring a smooth journey to their final destination.

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