Emirates Cabin Crew Surpasses 20,000


At the core of Emirates’ renowned inflight experience, the journey itself has upheld as equally important as the destination. The airline attributes this success to its exceptional cabin crew who operate at 38,000 feet, delivering an unparalleled service that defines Emirates.

Reaching New Heights: A Milestone for Cabin Crew

Emirates celebrates a significant milestone as its cabin crew team reaches a staggering count of 20,000 members. This achievement comes as the airline actively recruits cabin crew from around the world to support its strategic growth plans.

Global Reach: Diversity in Unity

In a demonstration of diversity reflecting both the airline’s team and the destinations it serves, Emirates has held recruitment events across 340 cities on 6 continents since 2022. This commitment to inclusivity underlines the global character of its cabin crew.

Timeless Elegance: The Evolution of Emirates Uniform

Emirates’ iconic cabin crew uniform, recognizable by all, has undergone four distinct transformations over three decades. Notably, the airline has retained its signature beige hue throughout the design iterations, maintaining a classic and elegant style that resonates with its history.

A Journey of Dedication: Longest Serving Crew Members

Among those who have witnessed the uniform’s evolution firsthand are two of Emirates’ most enduring crew members. A male Emirati purser who joined in 1987 and the longest-serving female cabin crew, who became part of the Emirates family in 1994, stand as testaments to the airline’s commitment to its crew’s longevity.

Passion in the Skies: Love for Flying

Moosa Mubarak, the Emirati Purser with an impressive 36-year career at Emirates, expresses his unyielding enthusiasm for his role. His dedication to mentoring fellow crew members and representing both Emirates and his country shines as a testament to the rewarding nature of his journey.

Strength in Diversity: United at 20,000

Emirates proudly presents a diverse cabin crew representing over 140 nationalities and communicating in 130 languages. With a unique vantage point at 38,000 feet and the ever-changing nature of the job, Emirates fosters an environment that challenges and nurtures its cabin crew to achieve their full potential.

Milestones of Dedication: A Legacy of Service

A significant number of Emirates crew have been integral to the airline’s growth story. Over 4,000 crew members have served for 5–9 years, close to 3,000 have dedicated 10–14 years, and over 1,500 have contributed 15–19 years of service. Remarkably, 400 crew members have surpassed the remarkable milestone of 20 years, with three individuals boasting over 30 years of service.

Soaring Ambitions: Progression and Opportunities

Emirates’ cabin crew benefit from career progression opportunities, such as ascending to higher cabin ranks, becoming trainers or pursers, reflecting the airline’s dedication to nurturing talent within its ranks. Over 1,100 pursers have risen through the ranks, from junior cabin crew, by successfully completing rigorous training.

A World of Growth: Training and Development

Emirates offers its cabin crew a plethora of training programs, including access to LinkedIn courses, as well as the chance to apply for internal positions within the Emirates Group. This commitment to development ensures that the crew’s skills remain up-to-date and relevant.

Cultivating Global Talent: The Recruitment Drive

As Emirates gears up for its next growth phase, it plans to host recruitment events across numerous cities year-round, welcoming global talent to its vibrant hub in Dubai.

A Life in Dubai: Experiencing a Cosmopolitan Lifestyle

Emirates’ cabin crew experience a cosmopolitan lifestyle in Dubai, a city renowned for its diversity, rich cultural scene, and safety. Being based in this vibrant hub further enhances the appeal of the job.

Rewards of the Journey: Benefits and Perks

Takes care of its cabin crew with a competitive tax-free salary and various benefits, including profit sharing, hotel stays, layover expenses, concessional travel, annual leave, furnished accommodation, medical and insurance coverage, and more. The airline’s deeply discounted tickets for friends and family also add to the perks.

Crafting Excellence: Rigorous Training

New cabin crew members undergo an intensive 8-week training program in Emirates’ state-of-the-art facility in Dubai. This program covers hospitality, safety, and service delivery to the highest standards. Beyond the job-specific skills, working with a diverse crew community and exploring various destinations contribute to invaluable life skills.

Seizing the Opportunity: Joining Emirates Cabin Crew

For those aspiring to join Emirates’ esteemed cabin crew, the opportunity is just a recruitment event away. Interested candidates can find more information about requirements, benefits, training programs, and the global recruitment events calendar on Emirates’ cabin crew careers page.

Unveiling the Uniform: Symbolism in Design

Emirates’ uniform holds significant symbolism. The iconic beige hue represents the golden sands of the UAE, while the cream-colored scarf, with its seven pleats, symbolizes the seven emirates of the UAE. Crafting these uniforms involves a remarkable amount of material, thread, and buttons, attesting to the dedication to quality.

As Emirates’ cabin crew continue to uphold the airline’s reputation at 38,000 feet, their journey remains an integral part of the extraordinary experience passengers encounter on every flight.

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