Google’s Think Apps 2023 Empowers 500+ Pakistani Developers

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Think Apps, the first and the biggest offline event focused on apps and games, has recently held by Google in Lahore, Pakistan. The event witnessed an impressive gathering of over 500 developers, alongside business and industry leaders from across the country. The primary objective was to provide valuable insights on how Pakistani-made apps and games could conquer the global market.

Building on Last Year’s Success

This event follows the success of Think Games and Gaming Growth Lab, both of which have introduced for the first time in Pakistan last year. Through these initiatives, Google collaborated with more than 1,600 developers and nurtured 50 early-stage gaming studios, preparing them to compete on the international stage. Additionally, Google’s community-led programs, such as Cloud Seekho S5 and Android Seekho S2, have helped over 5,000 Cloud developers and over 3,000 Android developers to upskill and grow in their respective domains.

Pakistan’s Growing Impact on the Global App Economy

Pakistan is increasingly making its presence felt in the global gaming and app market. The country’s standing in the international app economy has significantly improved over the years, climbing from 27th place in 2018 to an impressive 16th place in 2023 in terms of app downloads. In 2022, Pakistani-developed apps have downloaded a staggering 4 billion times worldwide, showcasing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 30% from 2018 to 2020. Moreover, during 2022 alone, a remarkable total of 65 apps from 24 local developers secured top 10 rankings in the gaming and apps verticals on both the Play Store and App Store.

Google’s Support for the Apps Industry in Pakistan

To further unlock digital opportunities for Pakistani studios and developers, Google is expanding its support for the apps industry through Think Apps. The program aims to bring in-depth knowledge and trends from global experts to local developers, and it has built on three distinct focus areas:

  1. Build for Quality: This aspect will inspire developers to understand how to create high-quality games that offer engaging experiences and long-term performance to users through strong gameplay and creative design.
  2. Build for Profitability: Developers will learn to utilize the right Google AI-powered ad solutions to drive profitable growth, acquire new users, and expand their reach globally.
  3. Build for Sustainability: This focus will enable developers to stay ahead of their competition by keeping up with trends, creating competitive advantages, and ensuring long-term success for their apps.

Google’s Confidence in Pakistan’s Potential

Farhan S. Qureshi, Google’s Director for Pakistan, expressed Google’s commitment to investing substantially in nurturing Pakistan’s developer ecosystem. He believes that Pakistan has the potential to become a key player in shaping the future of the global app economy. He further emphasized that Think Apps 2023 would empower even more local developers to create outstanding games and apps, supercharge their growth, and scale globally with Google’s AI-powered solutions.

Success Story of Hazel Mobile Group

Hazel Mobile Group, one of Pakistan’s leading game development companies, has successfully adopted Google’s AAA (Android, AdMob, and Ads) Growth Framework. This has led to the creation of over 100 games and apps, generating over 200 jobs in Pakistan, and resulting in more than 2 billion app downloads worldwide. Waqas Ahmed, Chief Technology Officer of Hazel Mobile, praised Google for providing dedicated support and valuable tools and insights that helped shape their long-term strategies and optimize growth.

Think Apps 2023 has set to empower Pakistani developers, paving the way for remarkable achievements in the global app and gaming industry, with Google serving as a vital catalyst in their journey towards success.

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