Unity Foods Limited Organizes Beach Cleaning Activity at Seaview Beach, Karachi


Unity Foods Limited, a leading agro-products company, took a step towards environmental conservation by organizing a beach cleaning activity at Seaview Beach, Karachi. The event has held under the Plastic Free July global initiative, which was first launched by the Plastic Free Foundation in July 2011. This initiative sees millions of people across the world participating every year, and now with Unity Foods’ involvement, Pakistan has put on the map of this global movement.

Led by members of the senior management team, including Mr. Salman Yousuf, Chief Marketing Officer, and Ms. Nageen Fatima Rizvi, Head of Corporate Communications, the beach cleaning activity brought together a team of over 70 employees from the company along with their children. The primary objective of this initiative was to raise awareness about the alarming threat posed by plastic pollution to our planet. Moreover, it aimed to instill a sense of personal and corporate social responsibility among the participants.

Being a company that plays a pivotal role in supporting Pakistan’s food security infrastructure, Unity Foods Limited consistently engages in initiatives that bring holistic benefits to local communities, landscapes, and social causes. By involving both employees and their children in the beach cleaning activity, the company sought to educate the future generation about the importance of countering plastic pollution through experiential learning.

The event not only showcased Unity Foods’ commitment to corporate social responsibility but also served as an example for others in the industry to follow. With this proactive stance, Unity Foods has not only contributed to a cleaner environment but has also inspired its employees, their families, and the wider community to take action in preserving the beauty and health of our natural surroundings.

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