Huawei powers Inaugural National Hyper-Scale Financial Cloud

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Huawei Technologies Ltd and Khazana Enterprise have taken a monumental step to build the first of its kind, hyper-scaler financial cloud in the country. They announced this at the launch event attended by the key leaders from the financial industry, government, and business sectors of Pakistan.

A Leap Forward for the ICT Industry and Economy

The First National In-Country Cloud is a leap forward, not just for the ICT industry in Pakistan but for the economy as a whole. Pakistan has been denied access to millions of dollars for cloud services, but this initiative paves the way for entities to opt for a solution in Pakistan that benefits local businesses and the exchequer.

Congratulatory Messages from Key Figures

Mr. Nadeem Hussain, the Executive Chairman of Planet N Group, congratulated Huawei Management and the Khazan team for the successful cloud launch, highlighting the importance of data storage and the demonstrated benefits of cloud services. Mr. Bob Din, Chairman of Khazana, also extended his congratulations and acknowledged the conducive regulatory environment provided by the regulators in Pakistan.

Digital Transformation and the Role of Huawei Cloud

Mr. Shahzad Rasheed, CEO of Huawei Cloud Pakistan, emphasized the need for digital transformation and the role of technologies like AI, IoT, and machine learning, which require cloud hosting. He highlighted Huawei Cloud’s differentiation as one of the three hyper scaler federated clouds available in Pakistan, along with its software services and out-of-the-box solutions.

Addressing Data Security and Sovereignty

Mr. Akif Saeed, Chairman of SECP, commended the partnership between Huawei and Khazana, stating that data is the new wealth that needs protection. The collaboration addresses concerns such as data sovereignty and security, aligning with SECP’s focus on end-to-end digitalization of companies operating in Pakistan.

SBP’s Appreciation and Support for Huawei Cloud

Ms. Sima Kamil, Deputy Governor of the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), expressed SBP’s appreciation and welcome for the launch of Huawei Cloud. She highlighted the indigenous model’s benefits, including data security, privacy, faster access, economic growth, employment generation, and cost optimization. She emphasized the importance of cloud infrastructure in reducing data dependence and advancing the data economy.

About Huawei and Khazana Enterprise

Huawei Cloud has deployed in 29 regions worldwide and is becoming the preferred choice for customers in finance and manufacturing industries. Founded in 1987, Huawei is a leading global provider of ICT infrastructure and smart devices. Khazana Enterprise, dedicated to providing innovative products and services, aims to simplify and enhance the lives of individuals and businesses in Pakistan.

Revolutionizing the Financial Landscape in Pakistan

Khazana Enterprise aims to revolutionize the financial landscape in Pakistan through its Fintech and National Cloud services. The company intends to establish a robust and secure infrastructure for businesses and public sector organizations to store, manage, and analyze their data, fostering operational efficiency, cost reduction, and innovation. Khazana envisions a digital ecosystem where businesses can thrive, collaborate, and contribute to Pakistan’s economic growth.

Signing MOUs with Fintech Companies

During the event, the collaboration solidified by signing memorandums of understanding (MOUs) with fintech companies, including Raqami Islamic Digital Bank, HengShan, and TitliS Technology. These partnerships further strengthen the ecosystem of digital innovation and growth in Pakistan.

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