Fly Jinnah Collaborates with HUM TV for Inflight Entertainment on “SkyTime”


Fly Jinnah, Pakistan’s new low-cost carrier (LCC), has partnered with HUM TV to enhance its inflight entertainment system, known as “SkyTime.” All Fly Jinnah aircraft has equipped with “SkyTime,” a complimentary in-flight streaming service that enables passengers to stream a diverse range of entertainment directly to their personal devices immediately after takeoff. With the collaboration with HUM TV, Fly Jinnah customers can now enjoy an even broader selection of content, including HUM TV’s popular dramas, Telefilms, Award Shows, and celebrity programs.

Customized and Affordable Travel with Fly Jinnah

Fly Jinnah currently operates flights connecting five major cities in Pakistan: Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, and Quetta. The airline boasts a fleet of three modern Airbus A320 aircraft. In addition to the comfortable seating, offering the most generous seat-pitch among economy cabins, Fly Jinnah has committed to providing customized and affordable travel experiences to its passengers. The airline introduces the “SkyCafe” onboard menu, allowing passengers to relish a wide variety of delicacies at pocket-friendly prices. The menu features snacks, sandwiches, and meals, ensuring a satisfying culinary experience during the journey.

Enhanced Inflight Entertainment for Fly Jinnah Passengers

Fly Jinnah’s collaboration with HUM TV significantly enriches the inflight entertainment options for passengers. The integration of HUM TV content into the “SkyTime” system ensures that travelers have access to an extensive collection of engaging entertainment throughout their flight. Passengers can now catch up on the latest episodes of popular dramas, enjoy entertaining Telefilms, relish the glitz and glamour of Award Shows, and indulge in celebrity programs, all while soaring through the skies on a Fly Jinnah aircraft.

Fly Jinnah’s Commitment to Passenger Satisfaction

By teaming up with HUM TV, Fly Jinnah demonstrates its dedication to enhancing the overall flying experience for its customers. The addition of HUM TV’s captivating content to the inflight entertainment system aims to cater to the diverse preferences and interests of passengers, ensuring an enjoyable and entertaining journey. With the introduction of “SkyTime” and the partnership with HUM TV, Fly Jinnah solidifies its position as a leading low-cost carrier in Pakistan, prioritizing customer satisfaction and providing exceptional value for money.

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