Meta Continues Its Dedication to Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in Pakistan’s Digital Landscape

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Meta, in collaboration with the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), the National Institute of Banking & Finance (NIBAF), and Demo, has initiated the second phase of its renowned SheMeansBusiness program in Pakistan. The program aims to digitally empower 500 women entrepreneurs and high-value small businesses by providing them with training, access to resources, and networking opportunities.

Launch Ceremony: “The Digital Bridge: Advancing Financial Inclusion for Pakistan”

“The Digital Bridge: Advancing Financial Inclusion for Pakistan,” the launching ceremony of the second phase, took place in Karachi this week. The event witnessed the presence of officials from the Ministry of Commerce, Women Chambers of Commerce and Industry, as well as prominent members from the telecommunications, banking, and business community.

Support from SBP and its Deputy Governor, Sima Kamil

Sima Kamil, Deputy Governor of SBP, attended the launch and expressed the importance of small businesses in bolstering the country’s economy. SBP has delighted to support Meta’s initiative, which aims to empower women entrepreneurs and small businesses, enabling them to scale their ventures in Pakistan. Sima Kamil also highlighted the potential for these businesses to tap into export markets with the knowledge gained through the program.

Meta’s Commitment and Appreciation for Collaboration

Beth Ann Lim, Meta’s Director of Policy Programs, emphasized Meta’s commitment to supporting Pakistan’s economic growth by empowering small business owners, particularly women entrepreneurs. Meta aims to upskill them in the digital realm and assist in the development of revenue generation streams. Lim expressed gratitude towards SBP, NIBAF, and Demo for their collaboration, looking forward to working together to unlock the potential of women-owned businesses and create a more equitable society.

Selection and Training Process by Demo

Demo, as a partner, will select new participants for the program from Pakistan’s export-oriented chambers and the pool of small business owners who participated in the first phase of the SheMeansBusiness curriculum. The selected entrepreneurs will equipped with the necessary tools and techniques to succeed in the competitive online landscape and scale their businesses effectively.

Advanced Training and Advertising Support

A total of 100 participants will receive advanced training on export advertising from Dial Zero, Meta’s associated sales partner in Pakistan. Additionally, Meta will provide ad credits on Facebook to help these entrepreneurs strengthen their presence and reach their target customers locally and globally. At the end of this phase, Demo will compile a handbook of case studies, showcasing how these businesses utilized the power of social media to access new markets outside of Pakistan.

Appreciation from NIBAF

Mr. Riaz Chunara, Managing Director of NIBAF, acknowledged the significance of equipping small businesses with the necessary tools and techniques to leverage the digital space effectively. He emphasized that this support enables businesses to advertise more efficiently, expand their customer base, and increase their reach within Pakistan and beyond.

Previous Achievements of SheMeansBusiness in Pakistan

Meta initially launched the SheMeansBusiness initiative in Pakistan in 2018. Since then, over 30,000 women across 51 cities, including AJK and GB, have received training through the program, highlighting its success and impact on empowering women entrepreneurs in the country.

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