Babar Ali Foundation Collaborates with LUMSx to Foster Inclusive Digital Education for All


The Babar Ali Foundation (BAF) has pledged its generous support for LUMSx, a digital learning platform launched by LUMS. Through LUMSx, the University aims to make education accessible across socioeconomic and geographic barriers by offering a diverse range of courses across various disciplines. This initiative will help LUMS broaden its reach and provide high-quality education to a wider audience.

In a recent celebration event, LUMSx has formally acknowledged, and gratitude has expressed towards Syed Babar Ali, BAF members, LUMS senior leadership, and the LUMSx team. Syed Babar Ali commended the University’s efforts in launching the platform and expressed his appreciation for the Vice Chancellor, Dr. Arshad Ahmad, and the Director, Dr. Suleman Shahid, for bringing LUMSx to life. He highlighted that LUMSx offers the LUMS community an opportunity to learn beyond the traditional classroom, aligning with LUMS’ goal of serving not only its students but also a wider audience in Pakistan and beyond.

LUMSx offers a rich selection of courses, including languages like Pashto and Farsi, as well as subjects like data analytics, neuroscience, and health and wellness. The platform also conducts research on online learning and teaching behaviors to enhance the quality of online education. One of its notable projects involved developing an Urdu translation of Dr. Barbara Oakley’s renowned course, “Learning How to Learn,” which teaches students effective learning strategies.

The event celebrating LUMSx has hosted by its Director, Dr. Suleman Shahid. He showcased both completed and ongoing courses, highlighting collaborations with Arbisoft and other LUMS centers such as Continuing Education Studies and the LUMS Learning Institute. Key figures present at the event included Founding Pro-Chancellor Syed Babar Ali, Rector Mr. Shahid Hussain, Vice Chancellor Dr. Arshad Ahmad, Executive Director for Strategic Initiatives Dr. Mohammed Ali Khan, Provost Dr. Tariq Jadoon, Senior Adviser for Strategic Projects Dr. Launa Gauthier, and Dean of the Syed Babar Ali School of Engineering Dr. Sabieh Anwar. Syed Hyder Ali, CEO of Bulleh Shah Packaging, was also present to represent BAF.

Dr. Arshad Ahmad emphasized the significant role LUMSx plays in shaping Pakistan’s digital education landscape. He stated that LUMS has consistently been a trailblazer in expanding access to top-tier education and fostering a diverse community. With LUMSx, the aim is to establish a benchmark for online education in Pakistan and inspire other institutions to participate.

Mr. Shahid Hussain echoed these sentiments, expressing confidence that LUMSx programs will soon become the national standard for online education. The digital nature of the platform will enable LUMS to transcend geographical limitations. LUMSx represents a responsibility and an opportunity for everyone involved to propel digital education forward.

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