Ufone 4G Offers Free Minutes for Cyclone-Hit Regions

Tech and Telecom

Ufone 4G, a Pakistani telecom company, stands unwavering in its dedication to supporting residents impacted by the imminent danger posed by cyclone Biparjoy. Recognizing the critical role of effective communication during challenging times, Ufone 4G has introduced 50 free minutes on selected sites within the affected regions. This special initiative aims to offer essential communication support to the previously evacuated areas as individuals begin their journey back to normalcy.

With a primary focus on the safety and well-being of the affected communities, Ufone 4G responded promptly to the cyclone threat. The company ensured uninterrupted network coverage and deployed additional resources in the areas that could have potentially impacted. As the situation stabilizes and residents make their way back home, the 50 free minutes offered by Ufone 4G will prove instrumental in fostering essential communication and re-establishing a much-needed sense of normality in their lives.

Ufone 4G, a part of the PTCL Group, has committed to leveraging technology to support communities in need. Its recent initiative exemplifies this dedication by providing relief and assistance to areas affected by the threat of Biparjoy. Whether faced with emergencies or during times of stability, Ufone 4G remains dedicated to making a positive impact, reflecting its commitment to social responsibility and the betterment of society as a whole.

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