PTCL Group Launches a New Futsal Arena to Enhance Employee Physical Health and Wellbeing

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Pakistan’s largest telecommunication and integrated ICT services provider, PTCL Group (PTCL & Ufone 4G), has unveiled its new Futsal Arena at the PTCL Group Club in Islamabad. This state-of-the-art facility serves as a hub to encourage physical fitness and cultivate a vibrant sporting culture within the organization.

Inauguration by UAE Ambassador and Futsal Match

The Futsal Arena was inaugurated by His Excellency Hamad Obaid Ibrahim Salem Alzaabi, the United Arab Emirates’ Ambassador to Pakistan. Accompanied by Hatem Bamatraf, President and Group CEO of PTCL & Ufone 4G, senior executives, PTCL Group team members, and esteemed guests, the Ambassador officiated the ceremony. To celebrate the occasion, a friendly and thrilling Futsal match took place between the UAE Embassy and PTCL Group teams.

Recognition of Dedication and Investment in Employee Health

H.E. Hamad Alzaabi commended PTCL Group for its unwavering dedication to employee welfare, acknowledging their commitment to prioritizing their well-being. Hatem Bamatraf, President and CEO of PTCL Group, emphasized the significance of investing in employee health and well-being. The initiative aims to promote a healthy lifestyle, motivate the workforce, and accelerate progress towards the company’s long-term sustainability goals.

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Importance of the Futsal Arena and Employee Well-being

Shoaib Baig, Group Chief People Officer (GCPO) of PTCL & Ufone 4G, expressed his thoughts on the initiative. He highlighted that PTCL Group values its employees’ well-being above all and places a high priority on their physical and mental health, team spirit, and unity. The Futsal Arena is an extension of PTCL Group’s “Vitality Express” program, which focuses on strengthening employee engagement and well-being through sports and other physical activities. These efforts aim to foster an energized workforce dedicated to achieving organizational goals with focus and determination.

Awards for the Winning Team

Following the Futsal match, the UAE Ambassador, President and Group CEO of PTCL & Ufone 4G, and GCPO of PTCL & Ufone 4G awarded silver medals to the runner-ups and gold medals, along with a trophy, to the winning team. This gesture not only recognizes the participants’ talent and sportsmanship but also encourages future participation and engagement.

Promoting Teamwork, Strategic Thinking, and Active Lifestyle

Futsal, a fast-paced variant of football played on a smaller field with five players on each side, serves as a means to promote teamwork, strategic thinking, and an active lifestyle among PTCL Group employees. By engaging in this highly competitive game, the organization aims to foster a culture of collaboration and growth while strengthening its position as the ‘Employer of Choice’ in Pakistan’s telecommunication sector.


The inauguration of the new Futsal Arena at the PTCL Group Club in Islamabad marks a significant step towards promoting physical fitness and fostering a vibrant sporting culture within PTCL Group. Through this initiative, PTCL Group demonstrates its commitment to employee well-being, encourages teamwork, and reinforces its position as a leading employer in the telecommunications industry.

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