Descon Engineering Limited (DEL) Honored with Diamond Category Award for Skills Development


Descon Engineering Limited (DEL) has honored with the prestigious Diamond Category Award in the construction and manufacturing industry by the Employer Federation of Pakistan (EFP). This esteemed recognition acknowledges DEL’s significant efforts in fostering skills development within its workforce. The Employer Federation of Pakistan (EFP) has commended DEL for its commitment to enhancing skills and capacity building. This award reflects DEL’s dedication to empowering its workforce through comprehensive skill development programs.

Leading the Way in Skills Development: Descon Technical Institute (DTI) and Mr. Murtaza Ali

The General Manager of Descon Technical Institute (DTI) & DEL’s President of Manpower and People Services, Mr. Murtaza Ali, has been leading this portfolio. Under his leadership, DTI has implemented various training initiatives that have equipped Descon’s workforce with market-driven skills necessary for success. Mr. Murtaza Ali’s expertise and dedication have played a vital role in DEL’s ability to provide its employees with valuable opportunities for growth and advancement.

Driving Innovation and Exceptional Results: DEL’s Commitment to Skills Development

This Diamond Category Award underscores DEL’s commitment to nurturing talent and maintaining a skilled workforce at the forefront of industry advancements. By investing in skills development, DEL continues to drive innovation and deliver exceptional results for clients. The company recognizes that an empowered and skilled workforce is crucial to staying competitive in the ever-evolving construction and manufacturing industry.

Empowering Workforce and Contributing to Industrial Progress

DEL remains dedicated to providing an environment that promotes professional growth and personal development. With this recognition from the Employer Federation of Pakistan (EFP), DEL reaffirms its commitment to empowering its workforce and contributing to Pakistan’s industrial progress. The company’s ongoing efforts in skills development not only benefit its employees but also have a positive impact on the overall growth and development of the country’s industrial sector.

In conclusion, DESCON Engineering Limited’s Diamond Category Award from the Employer Federation of Pakistan (EFP) serves as a testament to the company’s dedication to skills development and capacity building. Under the leadership of Mr. Murtaza Ali, DTI has played a crucial role in equipping DEL’s workforce with market-driven skills. By fostering talent and maintaining a skilled workforce, DEL continues to drive innovation, deliver exceptional results, and contribute to the industrial progress of Pakistan.

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