Ufone Launches New Prepaid Plan with 100GB Data

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Ufone, one of Pakistan’s leading mobile operators, has introduced the “Ufone Unstoppable” prepaid plan, providing customers with an impressive monthly data allowance of 100GB. Priced at Rs. 2,999, this plan offers unlimited calls and SMS, along with various additional benefits.

Ufone Unstoppable Plan

The Ufone Unstoppable plan is available to both new and existing Ufone prepaid customers.

It encompasses the following key features

  1. 100GB of data per month.
  2. Unlimited calls and SMS.
  3. Free access to Ufone’s Wi-Fi hotspots.
  4. Free access to Ufone’s music and video streaming services.
  5. Free caller tune.

Benefits of Ufone Unstoppable Plan

The Ufone Unstoppable plan caters to heavy data users and offers significant advantages at an affordable price. With ample data, unlimited calls and SMS, complimentary access to Ufone’s Wi-Fi hotspots, and free music/video streaming services, customers enjoy a comprehensive mobile service.

Ufone’s Reputation and Commitment

Ufone is Pakistan’s second-largest mobile operator, boasting a subscriber base exceeding 30 million. The company is recognized for its affordable and innovative mobile services, with a strong emphasis on exceptional customer service. The launch of the Ufone Unstoppable plan reinforces the company’s dedication to delivering an unparalleled mobile experience.

Features of Ufone Unstoppable Plan

The Ufone Unstoppable plan encompasses several noteworthy features, including

  1. 100GB of monthly data: Ideal for heavy data users engaging in video streaming, gaming, and file downloads.
  2. Unlimited calls and SMS: A valuable benefit for customers making frequent calls and sending numerous text messages.
  3. Free access to Ufone’s Wi-Fi hotspots: A cost-effective way to conserve data usage, thanks to Ufone’s extensive network of Wi-Fi hotspots nationwide.
  4. Free access to Ufone’s music and video streaming services: Enjoy favorite music and movies without utilizing mobile data.
  5. Free caller tune: Personalize your phone with a fun and distinctive caller tune.

Additional Features of Ufone Unstoppable Plan

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, the Ufone Unstoppable plan offers several other features

  1. Data rollover: Unused data can be carried forward to the next month.
  2. Data boost: Customers have the option to purchase additional data at discounted rates.
  3. Data sharing: Share data with other Ufone users.


The Ufone Unstoppable plan represents exceptional value for heavy data users and those seeking a comprehensive mobile service. With its attractive features, affordability, and additional perks like data rollover, data boost, and data sharing, this plan meets the diverse needs of customers. The Ufone Unstoppable plan is available for purchase from all Ufone retailers across Pakistan.

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